Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Day 1083 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing irregular choice who in the world am i?
Shoes: Irregular Choice Alice Who In The World Am I? 

Last month I began working my way through my latest Alice buys for Shoesday Tuesday.  Today we have the final pair, only because I sent one back before I'd had the chance to photograph them (but have plans to repurchase in a different size when funds allow) .  I will be reviewing them on Pink Haired Princess sometime this week though, as I managed to get those photos taken before the return.  This week I have the striped version of these ankle boots I showed you in sequins a few weeks ago.  They are very different to one another, so without a doubt you can justify both pairs with no guilt!
In contrast to the textural and swoon-worthy sequins in the other pair, these feature smooth patent uppers in a bold blue and white stripe.  I personally prefer spots over stripes, yet these boots really intrigued me and I'm so glad I took a chance on them.  They feel a little different to regular Irregular Choice, dare I say, simple?  Obviously there's that fabulous Alice character heel and large metallic bow, but although the overall vibe is eye-catching and striking, they still feel uncomplicated.  I like it.  They are the pair from the collection that surprised me and quickly found their way to my favourites list.  FYI, White Rabbit did that for me last time.  I opted for the size up (6/39) which was a good decision, as they fit nice and snugly across my foot and I reckon the 5/38 would've been too tight.  Pre-release, I thought the fact the stripes didn't match at the heel would bother me.  In the flesh, it doesn't really, as you can't see it when wearing them.  I do think they are going to crease quite a bit with wear, which might be bothersome, especially as I really like the super smooth feel right now and actually one of mine came with a little indentation (oddly, because they were stuffed and wrapped good-oh), which is annoying me a little already, but I'm trying not to look at it!  Perhaps once my foot is in and I've worn them a few times, it'll be better.  What do you think of them?  I'll link to all my previous reviews below, on the off-chance you've missed any over the weeks.

Who In The World Am I? sequins
My Cup Of Tea pink
My Cup Of Tea green
Lost Your Muchness

Wearing: Irregular Choice 'Knees Up' leggings.
Fit: 4" heel. Full length inside zip. Slim fitting, so I sized up.
Comfort: Don't foresee any issues with these. wearing irregular choice alice who in the world am i boots wearing irregular choice disney who in the world am i striped ankle boots wearing irregular choice who in the world am i alice heel detail wearing irregular choice alice who in the world am i striped wearing irregular choice alice who in the world am i character heels


  1. I get you, they really are quite simple for a IC shoe, but I kind of love them for it! I think the stripes and bow are just enough and anything more would have been over-kill. I'm really loving all the Alice shoes sooo much!

    1. Yeah, this was a good little collection, quite a mix of styles.

  2. I am in such a dilemma about these shoes. I returned them as I couldn't keep these and the sequinned ones but every time I see them, I'm like....'I want them......'!

  3. I find the shoes amazing!!! Never see something like this!


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