Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Day 1080 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing irregular choice who in the world am i? alice ankle boot
Shoes: Irregular Choice Alice Who In The World Am I?

Hello lovelies. Ok, so I'm interrupting the regular shoes and OOTD posts for the next month or so, to show you my Irregular Choice Alice goodies. I'm starting with these fabulous ankle boots, which I bought in both colourways. Firstly, let me say (though I'm sure I have already) how excited I was that there were 3 boot options in this range. This collection really catered for everyone with heels of all heights; flats, mid, what I'd call low high heels (like these) and then the big teapot/teacup higher heels. Then for styles we saw pumps, a court, mary-janes, ankle boots and even a knee high boot (be still my freakin' heart). Why do boots excite me so much? I genuinely don't know, but they do.
So Who In The World Am I? are a relatively simple style (for IC, think Tea With Alice from the 1st collection); a round toed, short ankle boot with inside zip and the Alice character heels we saw from the first collection. This pair are covered in the most amazing mermaid-like sequins in rich green, which flash purple and blue in the contours. I love the textural look of these, it really is pure mermaid!  When I'm wearing them, I can't help but move my foot (or head) around to see how they can change from totally green to purple and even black (looking from above, where the top of the toe dips). We've seen IC do this previously and I do love it; the sequins can be flipped over to reveal a matte bronzed black for a totally different look. If you have the patience you could do the whole boot or just a little area. It's a pretty cool party piece/option to have! I popped a photo and video on Instagram last week showing this if you're curious. If this isn't enough, there's a very large black glitter bow on the side of each boot, which I'll admit I barely notice because I'm so mesmerised by the awesomeness of the mermaid sequins. Such is life. I opted for the size up (6/39) in these and am glad I did as they are a really nice snug fit across my foot. I think the 5/38 would've been too tight, but haven't tried it. The heel feels nice and manageable (I don't know if it's an age thing, but I don't want to wear mega high heels all the time). I never bought the gold heeled Disco Bunny with the same sequins, so I'm pleased to add these to my collection and y'know, it's a boot, a character heel boot.  That can only ever be a good thing in my opinion. What do you think, do you like these?

Wearing: Irregular Choice 'Knees Up' leggings.
Fit: 4" heel. Full length inside zip. Slim fitting, so I sized up.
Comfort: Don't foresee any issues with these. wearing irregular choice who in the world am i? alice ankle boot mermaid sequins wearing irregular choice alice sequins ankle boot wearing irregular choice alice character heel ankle boot glitter bow detailwearing irregular choice who in the world am i? alice in wonderland character heel


  1. I bought the Disco Bunnies with the same sequins and I am so pleased that they brought the material back, they are beyond beautiful!

    1. It really takes seeing them in the flesh to appreciate how awesome those sequins are. I thought I was good resisting those bunnies and the rainbow pair!

  2. I never got my hands on a pair of Disco Bunnies, so I feel like I got a second chance by buying these. Hope they're not too tight, though - just read what you said about the size, hope I bought the right one. Will know next week (the big down side og living in Sweden - the time spent waiting for shoes to arrive...)

    1. Oh I bet, I hate waiting for packages to arrive! Neither did I and I feel like I maybe wouldn't need both these and Disco Bunnies, so am glad I got this pair.


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