Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Day 1082 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing irregular choice my cup of tea pink shoes
Shoes: Irregular Choice Alice pink My Cup Of Tea 

Hello, another Alice pair this week, My Cup Of Tea in pink, which I reviewed here. I'm really falling for these, flicking through these photos!
Though I will say the background colour in the flesh isn't as nice as it photographs. It always looks a lovely pastel pink, but it's more yellowy toned in real life and just a bit bland. The shimmer on this mainly reflects yellow or green, which I think adds to it. The glitter section at the front is truly fabulous, as is the bow, or rather the three bows! Yes, they stick up and out a lot. You will kick them far easier than you'll clink heels! I love the fabrics used; proper sparkly glitter in the middle and that oil-spill finish I'm so fond of on the bottom bow. The teapot and teacup heels and cake platform are the same as those from the first Alice collection and superbly done. I'm really starting to like the contrast of the blue heels with this colourway and the pink on the heels is picked up in the shoe. I'm also very fond of the addition of the t-bar on this style. I am a sucker for a strap, it has to be said! As for sizing, I tried both my size and the size up and actually I'm finding my regular size is the better fit. My toes do have the tendency to scrunch up a little (which can be rectified with a little adjusting once on), but (and I've included an image below, taken from above to hopefully illustrate this), there's a bit of a gap on the top because of the steep angle your toes sit compared to your foot. Even in this size, though it is amplified in the size up, so I prefer the neater fit of the smaller size. The strap was perfect for me, sometimes they are a little short, but I had my choice of holes for the buckle. The strap is difficult to get through the buckle though, but it gets easier with wear. Another fabulous Alice creation, I just need to decide whether to keep the pink or the green/blue!

Fit: 5 1/4" heel and 1" platform.  Adjustable buckle fastening on strap. I've tried both my regular size (shown here) and the size up. I could get away with either, but there was quite a substantial gap on top of my foot in the size up and they slipped off my heel a little. My regular size are a little snug at first, but will stretch a little with wear. I'd recommend going for your usual size.
Comfort: With the heel and platform heights, they perhaps aren't every day shoes, but for a heels wearer they are easy enough to walk in. The shoe is very heavy, but I don't find it particularly noticeable when wearing. wearing irregular choice my cup of tea pink shoes front wearing irregular choice my cup of tea alice detailwearing irregular choice alice my cup of tea pink shoes wearing irregular choice my cup of tea teapot teacup heels bow detailwearing irregular choice my cup of tea heel detailwearing irregular choice my cup of tea top


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