Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Day 1077 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: Irregular Choice Squeezy bear heels 

Another outfit for you this week. I actually have several (think I might have told you that last week), as I've been out quite a lot over the past month or so. Last week was the only 'recreational' one, the others have all been hospital appointments unfortunately. I'm still not doing great and have about 3 draft posts documenting what's happened recently, but haven't any energy to finish them. Oh the irony!
This is another brand new dress, bought in May, though I had to re-order it in another size. I'm bound to be an expert on ASOS' wiggle dresses by now, the amount I've bought and I find if the dress is in the Curve section, I have to size up. Oddly. I usually fit the straight 18's much better than the Curve 18's (so this is a Curve 20). I also find if the same dress is available in the main and Curve ranges, the main one tends to be smaller made than if it were only available in the regular range. Though, I've found a couple of exceptions to that rule lately. Anyway, this is a good fit around the bust, but very roomy on my hips (not a humble-brag, but the result of weight loss this year, it never leaves my boobs though)! You might not be able to tell, but it's really hanging on the hips, there's inches extra. That said the hem is super tight (true wiggle), when sitting or bending (and I was in my wheelchair!!) so that was 'interesting', as I found out! I tend not to go for the styles that have batwingy sleeves. Honestly I could wax lyrical about the differences in all these dresses, they aren't all made to one pattern. That type of sleeve makes my top half look even wider, so I try to avoid them, but it's not too bad on this one and the fabric is more floaty than usual. Yes, it does have pockets! I put this Hell Bunny cardi over the top that my sister gave me for my birthday (well from money she gave me).

I have a ton of blue shoes that would've looked great with this, but I didn't want to look too mono-toned, so instead opted for my adorable Squeezy bear heels. This was my first time wearing them out and they were so comfy. One of the lower character heels. You might remember I bought two sizes and kept my usual (returned the bigger size because they gaped quite a bit) and I'm pleased to report these didn't feel at all too tight (again due to the weight loss I think). I've checked back to my original post back in August 2015 and I said they were tight on me, but my feet just slipped in this time. These uppers are one of my favourites of all the character heels. So silly and kooky and you kinda feel like you're wearing your slippers outdoors! I also love that one of my bear eyes is stuck, so he looks crazed all the time. If you follow my Instagram or Facebook, you'll have had a little preview of this look via videos and photos, so I hope you enjoy seeing the whole thing. It was my first time using the camera on my new phone...it was trickier taking foot shots, but easier for the outfit. I'm not sure if I'll always do it this way or not, we'll see (and yes I now have lovely fancy covers for it, don't worry). What do you think, do you like this look? Here's my review post on Pink Haired Princess from last year when these shoes arrived, I thought you might enjoy a re-read! It was definitely one of more fun backgrounds to set up.

Wearing:  ASOS Curve wallpaper floral wiggle dress (also available in main range), Hell Bunny carousel cardigan (I'd recommend buying bigger if you have a large bust like me. I buy the biggest available size, so I have the option of being able to button it up.  They are made with quite cropped length bodies, but the sleeves are generous in length).
Fit: 3 1/2" heel. True to size, though wider feet or half sizes may need a little stretching to be comfortable.
Comfort: Very comfortable, cosy lining perhaps a bit too warm for summer!


  1. Ahh, the dress is lovely. No wonder you've amassed such a collection of them. And the cardigan matches so perfectly as well. Cute shoes!

  2. It looks really nice on you (and I can see it is totally hanging off you at the bottom) It all looks beautiful!x

    1. I'd tried the size down, but it wouldn't do up over my chest. The hem is so blooming tight though, that I'm thankful of some extra hip room when sitting.


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