Sunday, 3 July 2016

Day 1075 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: Irregular Choice Star Wars Floral Artoo 

Hello! What's this, I hear you ask. I'm messing with your minds, with Shoesday Tuesday on a Sunday, gasp! I've been feeling so rotten this past month, that I'm struggling to keep on top of both blogs and all my regular features, including my weekly Irregular Choice posts.  I suppose it's no biggie when I haven't been posting on Pink Haired Princess at all, but I've been trying to keep some routine or rhythm to TSGD, so I didn't want to leave you completely IC-less this week! Thankfully it didn't take too much effort to edit these photos today, so I thought I may as well go ahead and post them, even if it is out of sync with the days.
This is my final (third) pair of shoes from the second phase of Star Wars. I hadn't seen these in previews, but fell for them instantly when the queue system let me onto the site to buy, back in May. They are quite similar to the original R2D2's in shape and colouring (the blue scalloped sections are identical), but have some cool extra details. You can see my full review here, or rather me gushing over those glitter bows, but well, wouldn't you? The blue suedette sections mirror those on the originals, but this pair have a short t-bar front which fastens with a buckle. The buckle itself isn't fiddly, but I struggle to get the end of the strap through, once fastened. It kept getting stuck on the edge of the shoe and my nails were quite long and I was feart I would break them as I just couldn't get a good enough grip of the strap and it wouldn't push through because it was stuck on the shoe.  There's ample strap as you can see (for wider feet)-I'm not sure which hole I got these in, but it was nowhere near the last/loosest one. They do have a small concealed platform, though it does little to compensate for the heel, if you aren't accustomed to very high heels. Again walking is a lot easier in these, than the originals, due to a little tweak in positioning (thank you IC). The bright floral print has a real retro feel and I admit I'm a bit bamboozled as to what I'll wear them with, but they were just too spectacular to let that stand in my way. Size wise, I bought my usual and they were really small and tight. Like Day Of The Trooper the other week, I managed to get one foot in when I initially (and quickly) tried them on, then never got my heel in again after that! There's less of a difference in size between the 5 and 6 in these than in DOTT. The size up are still a reasonably snug fit on me, but obviously my whole foot fits in!  I'm toying with the idea of selling my original R2D2's, telling myself I don't need two blue pairs with the same heel.  So far that's as far as I've got with that topic!  What do you think of these, do you like them?  Which has been your favourite of my Star Wars heels?

Fit: 5" heel and 3/4" concealed platform. Buckle fastening on strap. Small fitting, I took a whole size up.
Comfort: Probably not "all day" shoes, but nowhere near as difficult or painful to walk in as the original R2D2 heels.


  1. Awww,, they are really pretty! I think I do like Artoo better though!

    1. I just adore the bow on the back of these, so pretty.


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