Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Day 1074 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: Irregular Choice Star Wars Day Of The Trooper

Hola!  Last week I had to give Shoesday Tuesday a miss because I had soooo many photos of these gorgeous shoes, that it took me longer than I anticipated to go through them.  Instead I made a video of me walking in them, which you hopefully saw if you subscribe to my YouTube channel.  If not, do it! There is more to come, wink, wink.  So these are the second pair I have to show you from the 2nd wave of Irregular Choice Star Wars.  From the previews, I'd decided these were my favourite and the one pair I was definitely going for.  My first foray into a non R2D2 heel too!  The heels on these are Stormtrooper heads, really chunky with a pearly finish which I hadn't appreciated in the stock photos.  They have colourful sugar skull patterns to match the wonderfully bright, embroidered uppers.
I have a similar-ish platform on the Endangered panda boots, though those have a wedge heel which tapers to a point.  There's a little more stability with the chunkier heel base on these, though they do take a bit of getting used to.  You'll see from the front, they are rockers (a bit like wearing clogs), so that kinda dictates your walking style, but sometimes I did find I wobbled a little on the platform sole, though the heel always "saved" me.  I bought my usual size and they were far too small.  There was only one time I managed to get my whole foot in and it was uncomfortable.  Otherwise my heel was sticking out the back.  I did manage to get the bigger size (these) and I notice quite a difference between them.  DOTT in the size up are slightly big.  You can probably see a gap at the heel when my feet fall forward, but I had no issues with them slipping off my foot, even with that heavier heel.  They aren't as neat fitting around my foot, gaping a bit, but I think it's likely only me that notices.  I think I'll manage without an insole, but if they stretch with wear, I might pop one in.  I still have my detailed review to come of these on Pink Haired Princess, so look out for that.  Do you like these?

Fit: Was difficult to measure as the heel protrudes, but 5" heel and 1 1/2" platform.  I found my usual size too small and tight.  The size up (shown here) are a little roomy, but far more wearable/comfortable.
Comfort:  See above for details on walking.   


  1. Wow, they are really amazing!

  2. Oh. I really like the shape of the platform, they kind of remind me of the (?) chopine shapes from years ago. Lovely, even though I'm not sure about the actual Star Wars stuff itself.


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