Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Day 1073 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: Iron Fist Share Bear Platforms 

Hello, Shoesday Tuesday on...Wednesday!! I am so tired right now that I can't keep my eyes open-I keep falling asleep during the day, which isn't normal for me. I feel like someone has just drained me and I'm struggling to find the motivation to blog, when it's hard enough keeping my eyes open, y'know? I was really excited about these shoes though, so wanted to blog about them (especially as they are back in stock), even if it is a day late.
They are from the second season of the utterly brilliant Care Bear and Iron Fist collaboration. They come in a similar mint court, but there was something about that ankle strap and visible platform that I liked, so chose these instead. I've said before how I feel like I'm a bad fit for IF shoes, they just seem to be shaped differently to my feet. I often find my usual size too small, but the size up too big. With these, I only had the option of the size up, so just went for it, thinking I could wear socks with them if they were too big. They are quite large, though I feel my toes touching the tip. There's a big gap at the heel and they do gape a little on top too. The ankle strap stops them falling off and I'm not sure if I'd fit the size below or not, given the toe touching thing. I'm tempted to try, now that they are back in stock and sell the other pair (I'm too late to return these). They do look ultra cute with socks and given that I don't walk anywhere these days anyway, I suppose it doesn't matter too much about fit (chiropodists everywhere gasp in horror). I think most people will get away with their usual size anyway. The big platform helpfully compensates for the large heel, though it's chunky, so feels quite stable. Do you like these?

Wearing: ASOS frill ankle socks
Fit: 5 1/4" and 1 1/2" platform. See above for fit info.  
Comfort:  Like I said the platform compensates for the heel and the chunky nature means they are quite stable to walk on.   


  1. They look so cute with the socKS!

    1. I wonder what IF will do next? I'm hoping for Sindy or Rainbow Brite or something!

  2. I do really like them and I agree with Kezzie - I think the socks make them!

  3. love these but I never have really worn platforms.
    but seems like it helps to have high heels with stable walk like you said?kind of like in-sole?

    may would be interesting if you make post about top 3~5 brands of your shoe collection?
    I'm quite sure that your no.1 is IC though x)
    I find it pretty interesting<3

    1. Yeah it helps with the heel height, but then it's a different feeling when you can't feel the floor under your feet. I wear a lot of platforms, so I'm accustomed to it.

      Good idea, haha yes indeed, they would be. I haven't given that much thought before.


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