Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Day 1061 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: Irregular Choice Tea With Alice 

Hola! Shoesday Tuesday again and I have another pair of Alice In Wonderland shoes to show you. You can find One Lump Or Two? here from last week or see the Alice heeled Flowers Can't Talk in more detail in this post, plus I updated the stockist list yesterday if you are still searching for some Alice styles.
On my feet today is a pair with the Alice character heel. It's very manageable in terms of height. More along the lines of the recent flamingo, slightly higher than the bears or panda, but actually very like the Tian Tian shoe-boot in style. They are the most beautiful colour-the soft blue is pretty enough, but when it catches the light it flashes green. Boom, double prettiness! They have white organza ribbons in the front (I need to untie them to get them on) which thread through heart shaped eyelets.  Mega cute! There's a lovely pearlised blue trim throughout the shoe, but aside from the statement heel and glitter, they are very simple and one of the less fussy options from this collection. I bought the size up and did the right thing. While they aren't small, there's not much wiggle room and my usual size would've been very uncomfortable if I'd even get into them. What do you think, do you like this style?

Wearing: Hot Topic Disney The Little Mermaid 'Ariel and Eric' leggings.
Fit: 4" heel. At least a half size small, so I sized up.
Comfort: They are a little hard, but will soften with wear.


  1. I love mine. Only with IC would these be considered understated! But you're right that this was the reason I bought these; lovely colour & more wearable than the others. I agree that they are half a size too small. Go glad I sized up. As were the White Rabbit which I think are a whole size too small.

    1. Haha, yes, exactly! Yes totally agree, white rabbit are V small, glad I sized up on those too.

  2. These are by far my favourite shoes from the collection! The colour is just so beautiful!

  3. Aww these shoes were one of my favorites from the Alice collection, they are incredible! Just stunning!


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