Sunday, 27 March 2016

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Miss L Fire Seahorse 3

miss l fire seahorse sandals ss16
Hello, happy Easter to you all! I had a bit of a strange day because I woke up feeling really sicky. I had cramps, wasn't keen to eat anything (choccie eggs included) and was so weak and tired. So I went back to bed and slept. All day! I woke up just before 6pm, so I've kinda missed everything. Story of my life right now.
Seeing as I had this set almost finished, I figured I'd post my final look for these sandals, which is my high end outfit. You can find my high street look here and my plus size outfit here. The shoes are Miss L Fire Seahorse sandals £65 and I have details of £10 off at the bottom of the post. Both my other sets were trousers or shorts so I wanted a skirt in this and went with this gorgeous Marc Jacobs dress with full skirt. It's new in and I just let that Americana theme roll, with the handbag from the same range. I love the jewel detailing. I finished with these red and blue sunglasses by Miu Miu which look like they were made for this outfit. What do you think of my final look for these sandals? Which was your favourite?The Shoe Girl Styles It: Miss L Fire Seahorse 3

Worn with: Marc Jacobs arrow print dress £285 and red P.Y.T. shoulder bag £415 and Miu Miu 'Rasoir' blue and red sunglasses £158.

Schuh offer terms: Buy any item over £10 on our website and receive a £10 'Bunny off' voucher for a future purchase via email, to use online or in store after 20 March. The voucher can be used on any full priced item £40 or over (excluding accessories). Please note this voucher cannot be combined with any other offer and is valid until 15 May 2016.


  1. This is definitely the best look,I'd totally buy it if I could afford it!!Xx

  2. Love this look. MIss L'Fire do so many cute designs lately.

    1. They do. I just wish they had higher heel options for all their lovely styles.


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