Saturday, 19 March 2016

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Office Ah Ha 2

This is my second look for these bunny sandals, my regular sized high-street option. You can find my high-street, plus size one here.
The shoes are Office Ah Ha £55. Now I'm not a jeans person at all, but Topshop posted a photo of these on their Instagram and I was smitten with the finish (not so much the style or at least not on me). They are boyfriend cut jeans, but they have this amazing shimmer, sheen, oil-slick thing going on over the denim. You need to zoom in on the product images on the website to see how cool it is. Anyway, I wanted to use them in an outfit and seeing as my plus size look was a little more dressy, I went for something casual here. On top I'd wear this adorable Jem and The Holograms t-shirt, because JEM! At primary school, people used to associate me with her, even though I'm spelt with a 'G' and actually I'm not sure anyone called me "Gem" at that age, but they used to sing " my name" after someone said my name! I was in awe of the pink hair (well actually I desperately wanted to have a lilac 'fro like Shana) so I didn't mind the mixed association! I finished the look with this grey glitter clutch by BooHoo. It was the only item I changed (remember the sold out shoes that were intended for this look?) and was actually the bag I initially chose for the outfit yesterday. What do you think of this more casual look? Bunnies ears may be partially obstructed depending on how short your legs are/where these jeans sit.The Shoe Girl Styles It: Office Ah Ha 2

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