Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Day 1034 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing irregular choice squeezy bear shoes
Shoes: Brown 'Squeezy' Irregular Choice 

Hello, I hope you're all keeping well this week. I attempted a mass photo session earlier (plenty of Shoesday Tuesday to come) but didn't get beyond photographing these shoes-in my head I'm more capable. My body just gives up on me after a minute or two! I was so sore and literally shaking, so called it a day.  Yesterday on Pink Haired Princess I showed you my newest character heels from Irregular Choice, so today I have some more photos and you can see how they look on the foot.
I do find myself picking them up just to look at them and coo, even editing these photos, I found myself going "aww, look, they are so cute" then remembering they are actually mine!  I spoke yesterday about the surprising sizing (usually character heels are quite small, but these feel more true to size) and after re-trying them, my smaller foot is really slipping out of the 6.  The 5's already felt a little better trying them today and I haven't even done my thick sock, stretching trick yet! I'm sure they'll be fine and I'm packaging up the 6's to return.  I'll pop some photos up on my Facebook page later of the 6's on my feet and you'll be able to see they aren't as neat a fit (gaping at the sides and room at the heel) compared to this pair.  I just think they are lovely, I'm so happy with them and very excited to see what comes next this season.  What do you think?  

Fit: 3 1/2" heel. True to size, though wider feet or half sizes may need a little stretching to be comfortable.
Comfort: They are a little tight on me just now, but will stretch with wear. wearing irregular choice squeezy bear shoes front irregular choice squeezy bear shoes top irregular choice squeezy bear shoes wearing irregular choice squeezy bear heels


  1. I have heard there may be an alice in wonderland themed character heel. Cant wait! Xx

  2. So being true to size, even better! And "so cute - wow, they are mine" :) that was so nice, really! I loved them, really very sweet, and the heels are so outstanding! The color is also nice!

    1. Sometimes something I own, just makes me feel very lucky to own it, if that makes sense. Glad you agree Denise.

  3. ooh, I can't wait for another pair of Alice ICs!

  4. So creative!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Photographe Gil Zetbase

  5. Oh they reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally are knackered teddybear fabric, I love them!x


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