Saturday, 29 August 2015

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Topshop Hatter

stock image of Topshop navy ankle boots from side on white background
Hola, I intended to post this, this morning, but had a busy day. Actually I was supposed to do it last night, but it got to midnight and I figured it could wait until morning. I've been busy in the shoe room, much more difficult than I expected rearranging them into an order. You've got so many things to factor in and then find a random thing like pale pink boots, when all your others are dark and they stick out like a sore thumb and look stupid, but are too high to go elsewhere. Once they were sort of in position, we've chopped and changed the order multiple times. You can see the progress on my Instagram >>> This is me not even doing any of the hard work and my head is splitting and I'm sore from sitting. I've heard "it'll be worth it in the end" millions of times, so yet more patience required (fyi it's been 5 years of patience to date)!
Anyway these cone heeled booties are Topshop Hatter £79, they come in other colours and the heel and general shape is also available in a longer boot. They are really plain, but there's something rather sweet about them. It's really worth clicking to see how Topshop styled them on the site. Tell me nobody would wear those denim things? Absolutely hideous in my opinion. The length, the shape, euch! My outfit is much nicer (obvi), featuring this floral plus size dress by Studio 8, who are a little pricey but have some lovely things in sizes 16-24.  Definitely something Monet-ish about this brushed print.  Then I added this adorable lucky cat (maneki-neko) bag by SkinnyDip which is exclusive to ASOS. I want this! I don't think it requires anything else. Do you like this? We can't be friends if you'd wear those Topshop flares though!!Polyvore outfit set styled by The Shoe Girl containing Topshop Hatter ankle boots
Worn with: Studio 8 'Macie' floral dress £89 and SkinnyDip lucky cat bag £30.


  1. Not loving the boots but your styling is spot on for stopping them being boring!!x

  2. Busy is good, sometimes! I liked tour selection, how you styled these boots, though the boots I used to wear this style some time ago, but I tend to favour round toe-shoes :)

    1. I'm the same, I prefer rounder toes these days x


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