Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Day 1037- Shoesday Tuesday

sequins dice heeled ankle boots being worn on feet with shoe room in background
Shoes: Poker Joker dice heels Irregular Choice 

Been a busy week already, with the arrival of my newest statement heels from Irregular Choice. You can see more detailed photos of them on my Pink Haired Princess blog, but today I'm showing you them on the feet.
If you've read that post, I pretty much covered everything, so won't repeat myself here. My photos again, have come across as more blue-turquoise whereas in real life they are more of a green-turquoise. The sequins change in the light from pink to lilac to green, which you can see in the contours. I haven't given any thought to what I'd wear these with. There's lots going on, so perhaps I'd want to keep my outfit to a solid colour (don't actually know if I own any non-black plain dresses though) or perhaps I'd go all out pastel-kawaii, I don't know. It's been so long since I've had to wear clothes (other than physio gym clothes), so I'm out of touch with all my belongings! Anyway, I tried to capture a photo from behind, to show off the actual heels. They are 4" so don't feel too high for me, though will likely be for others. The base of the heel is a T shape, but the heel itself is quite chunky. What do you think, do you like these?

Fit: 4" heel, lace up front. I bought the size up which are a little big.
Comfort: The inside is so soft that I can't foresee any issues. The boots are quite stiff given that they are covered in sequins, so not the most flexible. close up of sequins dice heeled boots on footback view of feet in dice heeled boots with one leg lifted to show printed sole of bootIrregular Choice Poker Joker sequins ankle boots on floorsequins and dice heeled boots flatlay on floor


  1. Oh my word, what for a great arrival! I looved these pair of boots, the heels are amazing and the colors too!!! Fabulous, I love IC!

  2. I just LOVE the colours!!! Truly love these!x

  3. I do like them, but the black and white heels struck me as a little more wearable - I'm getting so boring!

    1. I was surprised I didn't gravitate towards the red or black as I usually like the colour that most matches the theme of the heel (light for the lamb etc), but I just thought these were the 'wow' ones!


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