Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Day 1036 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing irregular choice kitty princess
Shoes: Pink 'Kitty Princess' Irregular Choice 

Another outfit post for you this week, again from a wee while ago.  It was the last time I left the house, I can't remember when, beginning of July I think.  Yet another hospital appointment, this time with a specialist.  I use that term loosely!  Not sure why they insist upon such early starts for patients with chronic illnesses.  So I wasn't sure what to wear, what the weather would be like and didn't have much time, but now that I'm not wearing makeup, I can get ready pretty quickly.
Another time-saver is having accessible shoes in the shoe room, instead of pulling out boxes and fixing 'landslides'.  This pair had just been 'moved in' so were fresh in my mind and I felt like a bit of a colour clash against my blue toned leopard print dress.  Yes, it's another ASOS 'wiggle dress', I've had it for a while but never had the chance to wear it.  It's stretchy, so very comfortable.  The shoes are one of my favourite pairs, I can remember the desperate need to have them all those years ago and they are still very precious to me.  I sometimes wear the straps front facing like this, to show off that wonderful jewel button and other times wear it to the side as intended. Aren't they gorgeous?

Wearing: ASOS animal print wiggle dress and cardigan borrowed from my Mum.
Fit: True to size, just over 1" platform and 5" heel, button fastening.
Comfort: Usually one cat rubs the top of my toes, but fine on the other foot. wearing asos animal print wiggle dress asos wiggle dress animal print wearing irregular choice kitty princess irregular choice kitty princess


  1. Ooh, you look lovely! I like the varying shades of pink! Very nice!x

  2. I am in complete love with the shoes! The outfit looks nice, but I am sold, the shoes are phenomenal! IF your size is 5 UK and if you once think "I will sell them", pls think o me! I hope all went well at the hospital and that things are fine!

    1. Yes that is the size! Should I tell you I have a turquoise pair exactly the same too??!!! I can't ever see me selling them, one of my all-time faves, just gorgeous. I would give you first choice though if I did!


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