Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Day 1032 - Shoesday Tuesday

shoe blogger feet wearing ASOS Walls Twister ice lolly heeled shoes from side with matching socks
Shoes: ASOS x Walls Twister Sandals 

Hola! I went with something very fun and bright for Shoesday Tuesday this week. Hopefully it'll cheer you up, if you're feeling a bit sluggish. It's been quite amusing (and embarrassing) seeing our town on TV for the golf over the past week, with the world watching our typical Scottish summer day. Rain, high winds, bright sunshine, flooding, warmth, cold, calm, all one after the other. Changeable is definitely the best way to describe it right now, you just don't know what you're going to get. I know several people feeling down about the weather and our supposed 'summer'.  These shoes scream sunshine though, because check out that whopper of a heel!
Whenever I saw them in the ASOS magazine, I knew I had to have them.  It's unusual these days that anything non Irregular Choice or designer, appeals enough to make it into my collection, but these did. It's a collaboration with Walls (yep the ice cream makers) and these shoes feature a Twister ice-lolly heel. I used to get shouted at eating ice-cream or lollies in summer, because I couldn't eat them quick enough and they therefore melted and caused a mess (we were the cleanest kids ever, so it didn't go down well). So my sister usually got a Twister and I opted for something less likely to drip! The likeness of the heel to the ice-cream is incredible, they genuinely look good enough to eat. Everytime I see them, I'm tempted to lick them!  I'll warn you the heel is very high and the platform does little to alleviate.  My foot feels like it's completely vertical and my legs are instantly reshaped (and ache)! I think you need a decent heel height to replicate the lolly realistically though.  They sold out incredibly quickly, so I'm glad I pre-stalked them before they hit the site in June.  I have linked to them above, because the odd return keeps making it back on site.  I chose to wear them with the matching socks, because I saw them on the model like that and thought they looked so ridiculous, yet awesome.  I know socks and sandals aren't for everyone, but I figured green and yellow striped heels with pink were mad enough, so what's a stripey sock added to the mix?  I wish the coordinating clothing range was more to my taste because I'd love a lolly outfit too.  I do like the sequin dress but couldn't splurge £150 on it.  The tops, unitard and skirt are all a bit too short and tight for me.  Anyway, what do you think of these super sunny, striped heels?  

Wearing: ASOS x Walls Twister socks.
Fit: 5" heel and small platform. Adjustable buckle on strap (just fits the last hole on me). True to size.
Comfort: I suspect the front strap will dig into the toes at the side and the heel is very high, so they definitely provide a good leg workout! The chunky heel means they feel very stable though. one foot in front of the other of Twister ice lolly heeled sandals with sockssingle shoe with Twister ice lolly striped heel on white backgroundback view of ASOS Walls Twister heeled sandals green and yellow striped heelsside back view of Twister heeled sandals in pinkASOS x Walls branding inside shoes


  1. What a bummer! I got so excited about these shoes when I saw your post and then I realized you were wearing just really neat socks! :D

  2. These sandals are fantastic! And you styled them so well, you are so right - the likeness of the heels and the socks are amazing, I thought when I saw "wow, she really nailed them, amazing"!

  3. Those are genuinely genius! A pity they aren't comfortable! They are so pretty and the socks are s cool addition!x

    1. They aren't too bad, but I haven't really worn them yet. I just know that strap will ache though!

  4. Wow these are gorgeous! I love these shoes!!! (And I love twister ice cream so yeah, perfection!)

  5. These are so wonderfully cute, I just can't cope with anything which shows too much of my feet, so I can't wear strappy sandals.

    1. My sister is the same, she has a hatred for toes on show!


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