Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Day 1033 - Shoesday Tuesday

close up of feet wearing Irregular Choice cream floral shoes with purple bow and perspex heel
Shoes: Cream floral 'Hello Ha' Irregular Choice

It's not difficult to see why this style quickly found it's way into the Iconic collection, reinvented each season in new prints and patterns.  It's certainly one of my favourites and always seems to come in the prettiest of colours and fabrics.  A few months ago, I showed you the navy pair (and am still not over the original mint ones slipping through my fingers) and I bought this cream version at the same time as the blue.
The style is actually quite simple, but creates such a flattering cut on the foot and you can't go wrong with a big bow in my opinion (purple suede on this pair). I never tire of the coloured, perspex heel either, carved with a floral pattern. It's comfortable and manageable for most people, but looks so striking. They're unquestionably my fuss-free, go-to style.  I'd definitely recommend sizing up, especially if your feet are on the wider side or you're between sizes, because the strap really cuts across the foot and there's no give. I found the bigger size still quite snug, though I'm certain with wear, they'll stretch a little.  How's your week going so far and what shoes are you wearing today?  What do you think of Hello Ha?

Fit: Heel just under 4", very small and narrow, take full size up.
Comfort: Once they've been broken in a bit and softened, I don't see any issues.feet facing forward wearing cream floral shoes with purple bowcream floral shoes with purple bow and perspex heel sitting on floorclose up of toe of shoe with purple floral bowclose up detail of purple perspex heel on shoe


  1. They are beautiful. I wish they'd do a low pair!!!x

    1. They do sometimes make lower heeled perspex heels, so perhaps in the future they could do this style.

  2. I simply love IC and this pair is adorable! They always have the cutest prints and the heels are so sweet!


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