Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Day 916 - You Change Your Mind, Like A Girl Changes Clothes

Shoes: Pewter sandals Miu Miu 

As you can probably tell, lunch with my friend last week took it's toll. I haven't been out of the house since. It's a bit frustrating, but my health is just a mess right now and I have to roll with it. However I did manage to get out today as our town is host to a street fair for a few days, with market stalls and funfair rides taking over the town centre (these huge rides are plonked smack bang in the middle of the road between all the old buildings, with the streets closed to traffic). It's one of the oldest markets of it's kind in Europe dating back to medieval times. When I was little it was this amazing big event that signified the end of the school holidays, but it's kinda lost it's magic now. Anyway, history lesson over, although I didn't totally feel up to it, I haven't been for years and rather than wait yet another year (it's the last day today), we popped down for a wee nosey. It's quite hard for me to get to when in the wheelchair, cobbled streets, lots of people and obstacles do not mix. It was dry though (Mum got soaked taking my nephews yesterday) so I got up and dressed quickly. I'm wearing the same shoes I wore in the last post, purely because they were still sitting out! Despite only being out for an hour, I'm already hardly able to move, so I doubt I'll get out much this week either. However, my hair is straight today in preparation for me colouring it (much to the amusement of my sister this morning, who laughed at my pathetic, wispy, flat hair-although I did manage a wee beehive as you can see), so hopefully I'll get that done this week. I'm quite excited as it's been so bleugh lately and a colour refresh always makes me feel better.

Wearing: Red floral dress H By Henry Holland, black leggings and green cardigan Primark, Fafi scarf MAC, earrings Mawi.
Fit: True to size, tie front, 4 1/2" heel.
Comfort: Generally pretty comfortable and easy to walk in.


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    1. Thankfully it doesn't need much done to it to tame it, this is it just left to dry and with no styling products.

  2. The hair color is my favorite spring nail polish color! Yes girl! Go ahead!


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