Friday, 23 August 2013

Day 920 - Soon You Were Eating Off My Spoon

Shoes: Beige pom pom 'Lady Dragon' Vivienne Westwood Anglomania & Melissa 

It's taken me ages to wear this dress for various reasons. Firstly, I ordered it online (months ago) and they sent it folded, in a teeny plastic bag, so it was completely creased and unwearable. Before the wardrobe clear-out, I couldn't really justify ironing it just to shove it into the depths of the closet to be crushed some more. So it sat unloved and unworn. It's yellow. Like I don't really wear yellow nor think I suit it, so I wasn't quite sure how to style it/what to wear it with. Also it was slightly too tight on the bust, but having lost some weight, it fits better now. After ironing it a few weeks ago, I thought the navy pattern (bows and hearts) could be picked out, so I could wear it with a navy cardigan and possibly navy shoes. Then I remembered my Irregular Choice 'Prom Princess' yellow wedges. It turns out when I tried them today, they were a deeper, warmer yellow and looked kinda silly, so I went with neutral shoes. I haven't worn my pom poms much this season due to losing them in amongst shoe-mountain! I still don't think I suit yellow and it clashes with my hair now, but hey ho.  Can you see the cool streaky purple bits in my hair today? I finished my post on the hair dye I used (here) if you're interested.  The colour is really growing on me.  

Wearing: Yellow bow dress H By Henry Holland, leggings Primark, boat cardigan Peacocks.
Fit: 4 1/4" heel, true to size.
Comfort: No issues with these.


Thank you for your shoeaholic love!!

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