Thursday, 6 August 2009

Day Twenty - Hot and Bothered

I'm getting all in a tizzy today. My gorgeous MAC order arrived this morning (yay) and my Dorothy Perkins too, but the trousers are too big (boo). I have tonnes of photos to take for Pink Haired Princess including my haul from Tuesday, but I'm struggling to get the right lighting and the whole editing process takes sooo long (plus I already have a backlog of swatch pics). It's so hot today (I'm not complaining), but there are lots of bugs around, including those pesky little corn flies which just get everywhere-so I decided against going out for my walk as I'd just be itching all day. I'm also growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of space in my bedroom, I barely have room to take pictures of my feet (as you can see)!
That aside, I'm wearing nude, strappy heels from Dorothy Perkins and yes, my legs really are that white (or blue!).

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