Friday, 14 August 2009

Important Notice

Yesterday it came to my attention that my blog, Pink Haired Princess was appearing in the google search engine with the note 'this site may harm your computer'. It is believed there is some sort of malware or phishing threat on my blog. To my knowledge, all my links are 'official' (don't worry I'm not scamming you) and therefore the only other explanation is that my account/site has been hacked and codes possibly inserted onto my site without my knowledge. This is most disconcerting and I would never wish to endanger my readers computer files and/or personal information.

The whole situation can get a bit 'techy' for me, but this type of hacking is something that is commonplace among the world wide web. Until Google and I can safely verify that my account and blog are safe to use, there will be no more posting until then. Although it appears to only be Pink Haired Princess that is at risk (please do not try to visit it until I let you know), The Shoe Girl Diaries and Pink Haired Princess Shop will also remain suspended. I believe I have done all I can up to this point, so I am just awaiting the response of GoogleWebmasters. We just have to hope that it is an error that can be easily rectified.

I put a lot of hard work into my blog and spend many hours compiling and researching posts for a core of loyal readers that I have built up. It's really upsetting to have all that come to an abrupt end by something that's outwith my control. I don't claim to be super knowledgable when it comes to computers but I do pride myself on trying to be 'safe' and avoid dangerous threats (such as unknown emails, links etc). I do not take risks when it comes to that and you shouldn't either. That said, I hope I can get back writing soon and this horrible mess will all be over. Thank you for your continued support and sorry for the inconvenience.

*update, my blog has been deleted this morning, but this seems to be some sort of problem with blogger, as I've found many in the same situation (yes, I'm trying not to go into major panic mode). Obviously I can't rectify my site when I can't access it, so I'm stuck for now. I've got computer tech lingo coming out of my ears at the moment but don't even know if I know how to fix the issue when I do get back to my site. If anyone has any ideas or wants to email me about anything (I miss you), you can still do so at*

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