Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Day Nineteen - Tartan, But Not For Long

I've been running behind today after sleeping in. I had breakfast at 12 o'clock, a shower at lunchtime, lunch later in the afternoon and then rushed to take this pic for the blog. So technically I'm not wearing these shoes, as I'm not even going out the house and only put them on for the pic-but I couldn't leave you with nothing! They are really old shoes, as you can see they are well worn and not a day goes by that someone doesn't stop me in the street and ask where I got them and how nice they are.

I actually have a funny story about these shoes. My friend and I had job interviews in London when we were at Uni. So we flew down from Scotland for the day and I wore these shoes. Of course my feet decided to swell up during the journey and after wriggling my shoes off mid-flight, I could barely get them back on when we landed. My friend had her interview first, so I trawled halfway along Oxford Street trying to find a new pair of shoes (bearing in mind I was a student and had hardly any money). I couldn't find a cheap pair, so headed back to Edgware Road and into McDonalds (by this time I was in serious pain), to apply the few plasters I had in my bag. So I decided I had to go barefoot. I had on longish, wide legged trousers, and if I tip-toed (which I always do in bare feet), you couldn't really see I had no shoes on. But barefoot in the middle of London? Yuck! Anyway, we ended up finding a cute little shop just around the corner that had the most comfortable, backless shoes, that matched my outfit and cost under £20. So in the end I was able to go to my interview without too much pain and got a lovely brand new pair of shoes too! I was so worried the tartan pair would never fit again, but after a few weeks I braved wearing them once more!
Pointed tartan shoes, Faith Solo.

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