Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Day 1167 - Shoesday Tuesday

sizing information for lightning bolt heeled shoes
Shoes:  Irregular Choice Galactic Thunder 

Another Irregular Choice exclusive colourway for you this week from the lightning bolt heels collection.  I bought both the IC exclusives as the prints and colours appealed to me most.  You can see my furry, unicorn courts here
This is another slip-on style, but as you'll see from the photos below, the outer side takes on more of a boot shape, while the inside is more court shoe like.  The glitter swirls that work their way around the shoe, act as a strap across the foot, so the fit does feel slightly different to the Heavens Above courts.  I did find the strap quite tight, not uncomfortably so, but I could see wider feet struggling to get these on.  There's no give in it, so this is something to remember.  When you look at the shoe shape, it's pretty much the same as the courts I previously showed you, so the fit is similar, though that strapping across the foot can make them feel slightly smaller.  I initially felt like the courts were quite big in the heel area and looser than these in fit, but having tried both again, they do feel similar.  Generally they are true to size, but I'm not sure there would be a significant difference in the strap section if you were choosing to size-up because of that.  Mine are my usual size and I'm comfortable in them.  As you can see I can get two pairs of tights on here, so they can't be too tight!  I actually had to re-shoot these pics after the first set of tights caused that moire swirling thing!  My energy hasn't been great the past few weeks, so I've been doing these bit by bit, but finally have the photos for you and I don't like my tights choice, but hey ho!  Have I reviewed these on PHP yet? I don't think I have, so I'll get that up soon too (the photos are all done, but I think I've half written it)!  Hope you're all well and muddling along x 

Wearing:  Purple tights Primark (old) and fishnet animal tights House Of Holland for Pretty Polly (old). 
Fit:  4" heel, slip on.  True to size. 
Comfort:  The heel is narrower than most character or concept heels, though well supported where it meets the shoe.  The shoe part doesn't feel like it'll cause any issues, the toe isn't overly narrow for a pointed shape.  The strap may start to dig in after a while.  The moon detail takes a bit of getting used to, it doesn't rub, but tickles at the leg.  pointed toe court shoes in pink animal print with metallic star detailfront of shoes in pink leopard print with pastel glitter cloud detailleg in air showing lightning bolt concept heel on shoegold lightning bolt heeled shoes with moon and cloud detail on feetback angle of legs showing lightning bolt heeled shoeslegs wearing pastel pink animal print shoes with gold lightning bolt heel and pastel glitter swirlsbacks of legs wearing lightning bolt heeled shoe boots with glitter cloud detailcrossed legs showing lower side on shoe with lightning bolt heelclose up of metallic crescent moon detail on lightning bolt heeled shoe on footcrossed legs wearing leopard print fishnet tights and pink animal print shoes with metallic moon detaillegs on floor showing lower side of leopard print shoe and higher side of boot with cloud and crescent moon detail and lightning bolt heelsirregular choice lightning bolt heeled boot being held in hand in front of character heel shoes on shelves


  1. These are so pretty, I love the heel!

  2. sending you my belated wishes for your happy birthday<3
    I've been enjoying your irregular choice coloring sheet works a lot!
    it would be so wonderful if IC produces some shoes from their fan designs as well xD


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