Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Day 1163 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing floral patent ankle boots with dinosaur heels, wide fishnet tights and metallic socks
Shoes: Irregular Choice Roarsum (by Tomi Platts)

I'm back with another shoe fit review and this is a pair I'll also be reviewing in closer detail on Pink Haired Princess in the near future, so keep an eye out for that.  I did blog the other week over there and explained that I have a new laptop, so I'm struggling with uploading and editing photos and I do feel the colour is 'off' here, but thankfully just of my legs and the background rather than the actual shoes and that's what you're here to see!  So, Tomi designed this colourway of the mega popular Roarsum dino heels.  You probably know I have a pair of the originals (fit review here), in the croc-patent-floral material, so I'll refer back to those in this post, along with the other dino heels that launched last year for Family Reunion, Jurassotops.
The uppers are a little stiffer than the originals. Something I only noted when I was moving them around to take photos, so they aren't mega rigid on the foot.  There is tremendous ankle support and these sit further up the leg than Jurassotops (J). I often speak about liking that feeling of being all strapped in tightly with footwear and you get that here.  I also felt like the rubber base was spongier on J, so more bouncy to walk on and less stable. I even notice in photos of Roarsum, the points of the sole remain in shape, whereas they compressed under my weight on J in some pics. The platform does vary between both Roarsum styles, again something not noticeable until you compare the two side-by-side, so I did snap some photos of that for my review post. The newer version is bigger and has a more extreme turn-up at the front.

Heel wise, the new Roarsum have the newer heel version that we saw on J. Remember the dino was pushed further back into the instep and that the heel remains the same on each foot, so his arms go down, up, down, up across the pair rather than the original which had opposite heels (arms going up, down, down, up). It's a minor change aimed at preventing the arms or hands of each dino linking or clashing when walking, so you can walk a bit freer with legs closer together. I left the straps as they came, oh no I didn't, at the last minute I tightened the top strap, which I may have done on my originals, I can't remember (have just reread that old post and indeed I slackened a couple of lower straps and tightened a couple at the top). I think I'll loosen the pink one further down. I thought it was the blue one above it that was tight, but I reckon it's the pink creating a slight bulge, but I did have socks and tights on, which I wouldn't always.

I remember finding the originals slightly generous in size, but this was in the early days of character heels where I almost always sized-up (I bought my usual size in them though). Perhaps because they are that bit stiffer here, they don't feel quite as roomy, although I'm sure when I tried my originals on when J were released, I also didn't find them as generous as I originally thought. Certainly they should fit in your usual size, I wouldn't size-up as the straps can be adjusted both ways and the open toe gives you a bit of manoeuvrability if they are a bit short.  Tomi often wears a 42 in characters and can fit a 41 in these (this style only goes up to a 41), if this helps you.

Wearing: Whale-net tights (similar here), metallic socks gift from my Mum.
Fit:  5 3/4" heel and 2 1/2" platform
Comfort:  Didn't notice any rubbing at the side like I can do with ankle boots, also no irritating lining like my original Roarsum.  They are high, but like I said in my post, I do find this style more stable (less bouncy) than Jurassotops.   feet facing forwards wearing metallic, multi coloured strap platform boots with sparkly socks and whale net tightsfeet in colourful strapped shoes with multi coloured rubber platform solelegs wearing dinosaur heeled boots in floral patent with metallic and glitter detailswearing character heeled dinosaur boots with fishnet tightsside view of legs in dinosaur heel boots in multi coloured metallic and floral patent uppersback view of dinosaur heeled boots and fishnet tightsside view of colourful rubber platform boots with dinosaur heel and floral patent uppersback view of dinosaur heels on feet with glitter spine and floral uppersclose up of dinosaur heeled shoes with floral uppers and colourful metallic strapsrubber soled platform boots with multiple straps and dinosaur heels worn on footlegs wearing zip and buckle boots with dinosaur heel and floral uppersmulti coloured dinosaur heel shoes with floral uppers and fishnet tightsclose up of dinosaur heels on boots with floral uppers and glitter spine


  1. Oh wow these are stunning :-D

  2. Thank you so much for this review Gemma, thank you for buying a pair - I am SO chuffed that you like them! xxx

    1. They're fab Tomi, love how colourful the straps are and I hadn't initially realised the uppers were patent (which I love even more than if they weren't).

  3. Also, I'd love to use your photos to show off the shoes - is that ok? xx

    1. Yes, that's fine. I'll try and send you some bigger pictures than the resized ones for the blog.


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