Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Day 1149 - Shoesday Tuesday

legs wearing black Gothic glitter boots
Shoes: Black Luna Sparkles Irregular Choice 

I'm back, with another new-ish Irregular Choice style from AW18. I got these over the Black Friday....month. Haha, why do we make it last so long in the UK? Anyway, I'd had my eye on them from the start and had a list of stuff I hoped to get in the BF sales as usually, they are better than the January sales (or the start of the January sales anyway). They come in several colours, these are black, but as you can hopefully see, they have a strong green and purple glitter to them. Chunky glitter, so it is rough to touch, thankfully not against the foot or leg though (it's the dreamy metallic rainbow lining inside). I haven't noticed any glitter fall-out yet either.
Unfortunately some of the pretty details on the uppers are a bit lost because of the colour and glitter. There's actually a lot of scalloped edges going on that you can't see. The boot itself is pretty stiff, probably no surprise to you. I was sceptical about fitting my usual size, but just went for it and I have to admit they did look tiny when I pulled them out of the box. They fit perfectly though, properly true to size for me. There's a full length zip (they sit mid-calf as you can see) and the lacing can be adjusted to widen the leg, though I haven't needed to. There is a gap at the top for me, it's not noticeable in most of the photos, in fact you might think they look like they are digging into my leg, they aren't. The photo with my feet apart, side-on, probably best shows that the top of the boot doesn't sit flush with my leg. I find this is much needed actually, because of the stiffness of the boot. It helps that the boot can move freely as I take steps as there's no bending or movement happening at the ankle. It kinda feels like a flip-flop motion, where the flip-flop comes up to slap your foot as you walk, except it's happening around your calves instead.

I usually get rubbing around the top of IC boots, it's not something I found with these, though bear in mind I only walked briefly from one room to another and posed for the photos, so it's different when you're pounding the pavements. I expect they won't remain as stiff when they've been worn a few times. It didn't cause me any issues (but then again I didn't encounter stairs), but I do just want to acknowledge that they are very rigid.  I love that this heel has made a come-back, it's really steady and solid but the curves make it so interesting. It feels very classic and instantly recognisable as IC. It's quite a plain boot for me, but I just love the overall Gothic, Victorian vibe of it and of course that fabulous glitter finish. I'd say that was my only disappointment here, that photos don't do the glitter justice. They dazzle in real life, they really do. I looked at the silver pair with pale blue ribbon laces in Manchester, they are cute too. Like if Cinderella were to wear boots, she'd wear those. And not lose one on the steps. She might not be able to run down the steps though...! I'm hoping to do another Top however many of 2018 IC's post over on Pink Haired Princess like I did for 2017, but there's still some things I'm hoping to get in the sale, so I've not finished buying from AW18 yet!  I have no funds just now, so I have to be patient. 

Fit: 4" heel, full length zip to get on and off, but laces can also be adjusted if necessary. True to size in the foot, slight gap around the top of the leg, sit mid-calf.
Comfort: A stiff boot because of all that glitter, but it will start to mould with your foot and leg and start to ease up a bit as you wear them. Nice steady heel to walk on and easy to get on and off with the zip. front facing legs wearing fishnet tights and glitter calf length bootsglitter calf length boots with zipper and ribbon tie fasteningsblack glitter calf boots worn with fishnet tightsGothic Victorian glitter calf boots with ribbon tiesblack glitter calf boots with satin ribbon lacesrounded toe glitter boots with ribbon lacingcurved heel glitter boots close upclose up of curved heel on bootclose up of green and purple glitter on black boots


  1. The glitter is super dreamy! I love it!

    1. It is. Considering they are on the plain side (for me), I kept going back to look at the wonderful glitter when I got them.


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