Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Day 1112 - Shoesday Tuesday

irregular choice ashbury skies new york
Shoes: New York Irregular Choice x Ashbury Skies 

So last week I showed you the Miami flamingo sandals from the recent collaboration between Irregular Choice and US store Ashbury Skies. The second pair I bought from the USA Road Trip collection was New York.
I'm sure this style will be instantly familiar to some of you, as the New York skyline featured on one of the earliest IC courts. You can see my originals here, they were slightly updated to the newer shaped cortesan and released a few years down the line and now we have a completely new design. There's a mix of embroidery and glitter rather than straight up applique like previous releases and this time the Statue Of Liberty features on the toe and the buildings work their way up your foot from the shoe.  It takes a little getting used to, they don't dig into the foot, but it is a strange feeling at first to have all these little bits creeping up onto your body! If you have something like Stanley with the tail detail at the heel you'll be more accustomed to it. As if the shoes aren't a feast enough for the eyes, they light up as you walk! It's such a perfect detail. I tried my hardest to flash for you and capture it, it took several attempts on the soft carpet! As with Cinderella and the other light up styles, they work more consistently on a hard surface (i.e. outdoors). It's not often I buy a black or dark coloured pair of IC's, but these are anything but dull. They also have a totally different aesthetic to the Miami pair last week. What do you think, do you like these, did you get any of these limited edition styles?

Fit: 4" heel. Quite generous and very wide fitting, though I stuck to my regular size.
Comfort: This cortesan toe shape can sometimes be tricky to get used to as it widens, then cuts across the toes to taper to a point. I have a lot of styles in this shape now, so am used to it, but it might not be for everyone. Manageable heel. irregular choice new york statue of liberty shoesirregular choice new york shoesirregular choice new york skyline shoeswearing irregular choice ashbury skies new york heels irregular choice new york court shoes new york statue of liberty shoe detailirregular choice new york light up shoes


  1. There is a lindybop dress that would go perfectly with these

  2. Oh wow, you really do look amazing in these!!! They are fabulous!!!!x

  3. Wow, did not realise these lit up - how awesome!! I gave them a miss as I have the original NYC skyline heels and also the gold / purple ones when tehy re-released, so I just thoguht they were too similar. I'm fast running out of space so am trying to be more ruthless when justifying my new additions.


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