Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Day 1110 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing moschino cheap & chic prehistoric bone bow shoes
Shoes: Moschino Cheap & Chic bone bow courts

Hi gang, I'm back! I took a few weeks off to recover from my gallbladder operation, but am feeling great (well the wounds have other ideas, but I, myself, am fine). I wanted to post this OOTD from a few months ago, the one I mentioned in a previous post, that I struggled to blog about. I don't know why I avoided posting it. Despite the current wardrobe struggles, I loved the outfit and felt nice in it at the time, so maybe I thought the photos didn't quite reflect that, I don't know. I am struggling a bit to decide what to wear, while nothing fits me and I don't really want to buy anything new until my weight sticks. So I probably have roughly 30% of my wardrobe left and even then, a lot of it is ill-fitting. This outfit was for my Mum's 60th birthday in March. I felt really guilty because while the gallstone issue was ongoing we were avoiding going out for a big family meal and I suggested everyone went without me, but then they would've felt guilty leaving me at home and I couldn't exactly sit there and eat nothing. It was also my parents Ruby wedding anniversary a few days later and we were having family round for a little daytime party, plus my wee cousin was getting married the next week (same family), so it would've been a bit much to organise another party and with my M.E. as well, I had too much going on as it was. Instead we went out for a wee treat one afternoon on my sister's day off.
My Mum and sister both had ice-cream sundaes, I had tea and a scone, which doesn't appear to adversely affect me (I've tested it enough times recently). Though I did end up with chest and back pain that night, which we managed to control (after a few hours) with hot water bottles and it never fully escalated to the intense gallstone pain (though it was still an unpleasant end to the day). Onto the outfit and I love this cardigan and almost forgot I owned it, as it was bought a few years ago right before my health deteriorated, so I've never really had the opportunity to wear it much. I paired it with what I think is probably my last skirt standing (all the others I can pull off without opening the zips, they are so loose) and it's a little roomier than it used to be (it's a pull-on job anyway), but is alright for now. I've realised during this time that I like my clothes figure hugging. That feels more comfortable for me and I prefer how they look when my body fills them out! I know a lot of people will likely feel the opposite, that they are comfier in looser-fitting garments, but this skirt is an example for me of how it looked a lot better a few years back when it properly hugged my hips.

For once, the shoes were the last decision in this outfit (you may recall me debating which pair to wear on Instagram at the time).  I decided to keep the monochrome theme going with the patent courts. I love the little 'Flintstones' style bone bow and I couldn't resist a little more animal print in the form of these leopard fishnets. Do House Of Holland still do tights? I can't say I've seen any new ones for a few years now. Pity, I used to love them. The little clutch was a recent discovery under a pile of clothes. I'd obviously placed it there (still in it's dustbag) and forgotten about it as the clothes were piled on top. I have a leaning chair of clothes in my bedroom, a flashback to the shoe mountain days. I clearly like to live dangerously! The knitted Karl Lagerfeld brooch was attached to the bag, but I thought it was far too cute to hide there, so wore it on my cardi instead.

For makeup I went heavier than I have done in years, using the Givenchy quad in 6 Red Passion. Not colours I usually gravitate towards, but I fancied a change with deep reddish pink eyeshadow. For lips I used the NYX Lip Lingerie again (always seem to reach for this despite not loving it). I started with a lighter colour (Baby Doll) and then changed because it was too light and peachy.  Corset is a deeper taupe-brown and I've shown both versions below.  My selfie lens was taking blurry photos (I was convinced it was my eyesight) until I realised all it needed was a wipe, after I'd taken all these photos of course, d'oh! So these face shots were taken blindly, using the rear camera and wow, that's not such a forgiving lens is it? Didn't help that my face erupted totally out of the blue this day, so the spot remover tool was my best bud editing these! I'm telling you though, just so you don't think I have clear skin all the time! #Keepinitreal Anyway, what do you think of this outfit, glad I'm back? I'm even bringing back The Shoe Girl Styles It this week! Say whaaaat? January was my last TSGSI post! I did have a couple of new IC's arrive last week, but I've not been able to take photos of them for Shoesday and my legs are in a horrible state just now having to wear these compression stockings day and night and not being able to put any lotion on them. Ach, only a few weeks to go until they come off and I get my legs back!

Wearing: Leopard print cardigan Star by Julien Macdonald (old), pencil skirt and green horse scarf Primark (old), Karl Lagerfeld applique pouch and doll brooch Mua Mua Dolls (old), fishnet animal tights House Of Holland (old).  
Fit: 4 1/4" heel. Narrow in the toe and run a little small. I (only tried and) bought the full size up and they aren't overly roomy, though you may get away with a half or full size smaller.
Comfort: Thin heel, but no issues walking in these. ootd star by julien macdonald leopard cardigan primark pencil skirt fotd wearing givenchy 6 red passion eyeshadow quad and nyx lip lingerie in baby dollfotd wearing givenchy 6 red passion eyeshadow quad and nyx lip lingerie in corset mua mua dolls karl lagerfeld broochmua mua dolls karl lagerfeld pouch house of holland fishnet animal tightshouse of holland fishnet animal tights moschino cheap & chic shoes

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