Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Day 1109 - Shoesday Tuesday

irregular choice disney oh boy shoes
Shoes: Irregular Choice Oh Boy (Disney Mickey & Friends) 

Following on from my extra Shoesday post last Friday, I have the second and final pair of shoes I got from the Irregular Choice Disney Mickey & Friends collection. I was quite reserved in my footwear purchases, especially given the size of this range, but that was mostly because I was after 3 handbags (and a purse) too, so had to choose wisely. Sherbet Ice Cream were floral and brightly coloured character heels, so I went in the opposite direction for my second choice, perhaps more 'traditional' when thinking of Mickey colours and with one of my favourite heels.
Oh Boy are a slip on court in the most beautiful ruby red shade, with a contrast gold 'heel-less' wedge. They are entirely covered in glitter (which my camera hates btw) and have this amazing Mickey face detail on the toe. I love the multi dimensional look of this, with the nose acting as an upturned toe. These caught my eye initially, but it wasn't until I saw more detailed photos, I was certain I needed them and I'm so glad I got them. The toe detail is Irregular Choice quirkiness at it's best. I'm sure other brands would've attempted a flatter applique head instead, but I'm so pleased IC took it up a notch and went a little weird! As for the fit, I expected them to be quite generous, so ordered my usual size. The length is indeed generous, you can probably see a little gap at the heel in some photos.

Out of the box (the Gemma naked eye test!) I thought they looked quite big (bigger than my other shoes with this shape of heel and some of those are a size up), but the face detail on the front digs into the foot, so I suspect this would hinder sizing down (unless your foot is particularly slim). I want to emphasise that it's not at all uncomfortable. It left an indentation after taking these photos this morning, but there was no soreness at all. It's not tight across this part either (for example I had to return Dreamkiss for a bigger size because this part pressed too uncomfortably against my foot), just that the top of the head will lay against the foot (which may actually be good at keeping my foot in place, should these stretch any with wear). I was actually tempted to keep these on after taking the photos, because they are just so lovely and I was having a little "ooh, ahh, you are so pretty, I want to wear you all the time" moment! I think when the urge is there to even wear them in bed, it means you truly love them! Sorry the post is so late, it's been one of those days where I thought I was doing well and then before I knew it, I hadn't done half the stuff I meant to. I'm trying to get so many things out of the way before my surgery on Friday, but I think I'm attempting the impossible! We just don't know how able I'll be afterwards, so I'm trying to be prepare for that. I wanted to get these out anyway, if you were thinking of getting them, I'd really recommend them. To wear in bed of course!

Wearing: Disney Mickey and Minnie tights Primark (old).
Fit: Approx. 4" heel. Generous in length but the head detail may prevent sizing down, I recommend sticking with your usual size.
Comfort: The face will dig into the foot and leave a mark, but it's not uncomfortable or even tight. I find these heels very easy to walk on, the foot is fully supported. oh boy mickey mouse shoeswearing irregular choice disney oh boywearing irregular choice oh boy ss17wearing red glitter oh boy shoes irregular choice disney mickey shoeirregular choice red glitter mickey mouse shoesirregular choice mickey mouse glitter shoeswearing Irregular Choice Oh Boy Mickey Mouse shoe

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  1. They look pretty on your feet with those tights! I love the glitter!


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