Friday, 26 May 2017

Day 1108 - Shoesday Tuesday (Extra)

wearing irregular choice disney sherbet ice cream
Shoes: Irregular Choice Sherbet Ice Cream* (Disney Mickey & Friends) 

"What's this?" I hear you ask, Shoesday Tuesday on a Friday? Well seeing as this collection has just gone live and I know how tricky it can be when you don't know which size to buy online, I thought you'd want the fit information on these as soon as possible.
I have a more in depth review over on Pink Haired Princess about the actual shoe, but this is where I talk about how it fits. I suspected as soon as I pulled these out of the box that they were going to be too small, they looked tiny. I ordered my usual size 5/38 and indeed once I got them on, they were really tight. Uncomfortably, even painfully tight. They are generally small all over, but I found the worst offender was across the widest part of my foot, partly on the shoe and partly where it meets your foot. My foot was reddened immediately and I suspect after some time probably bruised, so I was keen to get these off! I tried them on at night, so tried again the next morning with tights, but they still felt tight. The third time (I was desperate), they felt slightly better, but still not enough to wear them comfortably I don't think. So I think they will stretch if you persist, but I think most people will be happier with the comfort of a bigger size. I've never tried this style of shoe before from IC, so had really debated with myself which size to order and the generosity of most of the Cinderella collection persuaded me to opt for my usual size. I've no idea how anything else fits yet, but am going for the 5/38 in Oh Boy as previous courts like this have been known to have a true or slightly generous fit. Of course I'll post that information when they arrive next week (if I manage to get them)! The heel doesn't feel too high to me, the little platform helps a bit and although it's a completely different style of heel for a character, it is still more stable than a stiletto. The shoes really pop against black tights, they looked awesome but when I spied these in my tights drawer, I just knew I had to wear them for this post. I hope you all manage to get whatever you're after, slight sigh of relief at the bags in this collection because it doesn't involve choosing a size!

Wearing: Disney Mickey comic tights Primark (old).
Fit: 4 1/2" heel and 1/2" platform. Small fitting all over, I'd recommend the size up for comfort. 
Comfort: In the right size I don't see any issues with these. irregular choice disney sherbet ice cream sizing infowearing irregular choice disney minnie mouse heelsirregular choice mickey and friends sherbet ice cream fit guidewearing ss17 irregular choice disney sherbet ice creamwearing irregular choice disney floral minnie shoesirregular choice minnie mouse heel detailwearing irregular choice sherbet ice cream character heelsirregular choice disney sherbet ice cream bow detail

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