Sunday, 30 June 2013

Day 896 - I Can Get A Free Drink For Flipping My Hair

Shoes: Turquoise floral 'Can't Touch This' Irregular Choice 

Yesterday my sister and I went to see the matinee screening of Despicable Me 2. I can't say I was looking forward to it (even although I love the first film), because health wise I've been struggling lately and the slightest little thing has repercussions and sitting for that length of time in one position was never going to be a good thing. Anyway the cinema was busy, I was uncomfortable but the film was good but not amazing. I just wish it was the girls on screen all the time (especially Agnes) because they're all just too cute and I get a bit bored with the minion stuff. Ok, they can be funny, but not quite as hilarious as the Dad sitting behind us thought (he literally laughed every time he saw a minion, like before they even did anything). I stretched these shoes a little in the morning, wearing them around the house with super thick socks, because this style can be quite snug fitting to begin with.  I just love the print and already own this style in other colours, so know how comfortable they can be (these could be better because unfortunately they have the harsh gold lining that I don't like).  I also got to wear my new pretty sundress from Primark and am thankful that I layered it up with vest, cardi, leggings and skirt, because it was rather chilly in the cinema despite the sunshine outside.

Wearing: Floral striped sun-dress, black net skirt (worn underneath), black vest and black leggings Primark, cardigan Bonmarche, orchid hair clips ASOS, red belt gift (Madeira).
Fit: Snug fit at the start, adjustable buckle, 4" perspex heel.
Comfort: I could feel the lining of the strap rubbing, but otherwise no issues.


  1. Ooh I love that dress and those shoes are beautiful! X

    1. it's cute isn't it, only £13 at primark. Been lusting after these shoes for a while : )

  2. The dress is real pretty and I love the flowers in your hair. (This reminds me that I have to go to the cinema with my sis, we haven't been in TOO LONG and it has always been great. But we have a tradition of going to chick flick movies that I can't convince the boy to go to so have no clue of what movie to pick.)

    1. thank you, I'm getting quite obsessed with flowers in my hair x


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