Monday, 10 June 2013

Day 888 - There Ain't No Jails Tight Enough To Lock Me

Shoes: Red patent bow peep toes Bronx 

It was a bit dreich today, dry but colder and cloudy. I've heard so many people say they hope last week wasn't our 'summer'! Bit depressing if it is. Anyway it meant I was back to leggings and no bare legs. This dress has to be one the comfiest I own, but it is very short, so I doubt anyone could wear it without something underneath. I took the belt out and switched it for my new red one and decided I may as well add some shiny red shoes too!  You can check out my corresponding post for my 'Monster High Monday' makeup here.  

Wearing: Navy cowboy dress H By Henry Holland, leggings Primark, red belt gift and boat cardigan (just seen) Peacocks.
Fit: True to size, buckle fastening and 4" chunky heel.
Comfort: Really comfy and no issues with these.


  1. Love the red accents to this outfit. The dress looks lovely but I have kinda given up on Henry Holland stuff because it just is so short.

    1. thank you, yeah pretty much all my HH stuff is leggings-wear only.

  2. I bought this dress yesterday without realising you owned it! I'm used to dresses being too short on me so I'm glad there's a way around it x


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