Saturday, 5 February 2011

Day Three Hundred & Seventy Two - Rain, Rain Go Away!

Shoes: Black suede shoes ASOS Premium

It was miserable yesterday, so I decided I wouldn't venture out, hence the no-post. I've been so sleepy these past couple of weeks, I'm trying to get into a better morning routine, but my cosy, comfy bed always wins that battle. Another late start today, but I did manage to nip out in between showers. I think I'm ready for warmer weather now, all those layers are starting to annoy me, although there are several pairs of boots I still want to wear but can't access-another battle I have to fight! I considered selling these shoes the next time I'm auctioning stuff on eBay, but after wearing them today, although they're really plain, they have a really nice shape and are pretty cute and perhaps worth keeping after all.

Wearing: pink and black floral skater dress Primark and I'm freezing, so leggings, long sleeved top underneath and waterfall cardi and horse print coat. I did the usual no makeup face of pulling my scarf up over my nose and hat down over my eyes!
Fit: 4 1/4" chunky heel, small platform, true to size. D-rings to fasten strap.
Comfort: Can rub at the heels slightly if you aren't wearing tights, very easy to walk in.

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