Monday, 18 October 2010

Day Three Hundred & Thirty One - Welcome Back!

Shoes: Airforce blue platforms with suede ties ASOS

I feel like I've forgotten what I'm doing, as it's been so long without posting! I've cleared a little corner of my room and got the camera all fired up, so I'm raring to go again! I have honestly missed it, I hope you have too! It's nice to see many of you have still been looking through the archives in my absence. I've bought loads of new shoes lately that I'm really keen to wear, so it should be quite interesting for you to see them. I've also had several pairs I've had to return due to sizing issues, which is really starting to annoy me-can the shoe world not decide on a standard size and stick with it?!! Anyway, I had a clear-out of some pairs this weekend on eBay and this pair sold, so it's goodbye to them.

Wearing: I got all dressed up to go out and it rained today, so no outfit : (
Fit: True to size, 4 1/4" heel.
Comfort: Super comfy, no problems with these.

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