Sunday, 24 October 2010

Day Three Hundred Thirty Six - What's New Pussycat?

Shoes: Turquoise Miaow ankle boots Irregular Choice

I also sold these boots last week. I gave myself a really hard time deciding whether or not to. The turquoise is and always has been my favourite of all the colours of the miaow boots. I also own the black and for some reason they are much softer and fit better than the turquoise, so I decided they had to go. I secretly hoped they wouldn't sell, although I knew they were popular so that was unlikely. I just hope their new owner will love and wear them lots!

Wearing: No outfit post.
Fit: A little too small, doubtful if I would need a full size up though. Heel 3 1/4".
Comfort: They did rub a little at the heel because they are slightly too small.


  1. I love the turq colour best, although haven't got a pair of these - yet! :)

  2. That shade is quite hard to find now, hope you manage to track them down, because they are really cute boots!

  3. I just want this model !!! I have the black one, but I want the turquoise one !!!! In France we couldn't find Irregular Choice shoes...
    You are lucky !
    Great blog !!!

  4. Thanks for commenting Lili. I too have the black and ended up selling the turquoise because they were a little too small for me, pity because the colour is gorgeous.


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