Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Day One Hundred & Sixty Three - It's Plain To See

I've been going through the list of shoes I still haven't worn in this challenge and I'm trying to be a little more methodical and wear the wintery types before we're into warmer weather and it's too late-because I know I'm not going to manage to keep the blog going for another winter. By my reckoning, I only have a couple of months worth of shoes left (so maybe until the end of May?). I would've liked to have managed a year (we started last July, although there were set-backs and technical difficulties which meant a pause in posting, so it wouldn't be 365 pairs). I do know I have some really old pairs in storage, but I don't know when I'll be able to get to these and even if I want to (I can picture a pair of (probably hideous) 6" black patent platform mules!). Anyway onto todays shoes or boots actually. These were my replacement for a Miss Selfridge pair that I reheeled about a million times until they finally died on me. It used to be really difficult to find slim leg knee high boots with a nice, slender heel that looked dressy rather than wintery. They are probably the most plain footwear I own, but they did the job.
Black knee high boots Barratts

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