Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Day One Hundred & Seventy Eight - Florence & The Legs

Oh great! Now I'll have that 'You Got The Love' song going around in my head all day. It has to be the most whiney, overplayed song just now, although I'm sure loads of people would disagree. Anyway, Florence are the name of todays shoes and that's the reason for the title. I like wearing these with bright tights because the colour peeps through the lacing and holes. I adore the leopard print sole too! I'm feeling slightly calmer now about the facebook comp, what will be will be (and there's no point making myself ill fretting about it!). Although I may have to go all Spencer Pratt and 'un-sister my sister' if she doesn't vote for me!
Black croc 'Florence' lace up shoes Irregular Choice

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