Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Day 1170 - Shoesday Tuesday

grumpy bear blue and good luck bear green fur court shoes with pink tights
Shoes: Grin And Share It | Irregular Choice (Care Bears) 

Another Care Bear style to review for you this week and a brand new character heel.  We saw two different heel concepts in this collection; the sleeping bear on the crescent moon (in green or glitter) and then two variations of these bear heels.  Each shoe has a different bear, this pair; Cheer Bear (pink) and Tenderheart Bear (brown) and both uppers are also different.  Cheer Bear sits on the green, Good Luck Bear upper (I had this one when I was younger) and Tenderheart is on the Grumpy Bear blue upper.  The fur fabric is beautifully soft, a short pile, but really lovely to touch and there's lots of embellishments and embroidery and little sticky-up ears and even tails out the back. 
Fit wise, there's not a lot to say on this style, it feels true to size and I bought my usual size (5/38).  They are maybe a bit big in the heel, but not enough that they are slipping off (in the brief time I wore them anyway).  They look in some photos like they're gaping a bit around the top, it's not something I noted when wearing them.  The heels are chunky, they feel lower than the measurement (I think) and there's no platform on these.  You may be wondering about the one leg cuff style statement in these photos...I've misplaced the other cuff!  They should be a pair, but for months now, I can't find the other one, but I really wanted to wear them with these, so improvised and I don't hate it!! 

I have one more CB style to show you, having reviewed Full Of Cheer boots last week and Kingdom Of Caring before that.  I've also started tackling the in-depth reviews for Pink Haired Princess, it's quite daunting as there's so much, but I will be beginning to publish those this week.  I have lots of bloggy things to do this week, I'm being busy and productive for once! 

Wearing: Colour card tights House Of Holland x Pretty Polly, heart cuff Irregular Choice x So Yeon Sarah (both old).
Fit: 3 3/4" heel, slip on. True to size, no need to size up.
Comfort: Sturdy heel to walk on, don't foresee any issues wearing for longer periods. legs facing forward wearing bright pink tights and colourful care bears shoescrossed legs showing furry side of court shoe with care bear shaped heellegs wearing bright pink tights and heart strappy ankle cuff with care bear furry court shoesback view of care bear heeled shoes with fluffy tailswearing pink tights with green furry court shoe with pink care bear shaped heelblue fluffy court shoe with Tenderheart Care Bear character heel and puffy strapped ankle cuffwearing pink tights with pink Cheer Bear heel on green fluffy shoeback heels of shoes with care bear shaped heels and pink tights and fluffy tailsgreen good luck bear shoe and blue grumpy bear furry upper with pink tights and pastel ankle cuffpink striped tights on legs wearing Care Bear green and blue furry court shoesgreen furry Good Luck Bear Care Bear toe of shoeCheer Bear pink Care Bear shaped heel on shoefluffy blue toe of shoe in style of Grumpy Bear Care BearCare Bear Tenderheart shaped heel on shoe

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