Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Day 1157 - Shoesday Tuesday

close up of blue PU shoe with applique sea animals and pearls and white fur trimmed top on foot
Shoes:  Irregular Choice Fuzzy McFrosty

Hello gang!  Here's the next of my Family Reunion character heels.  The polar bear was a brand new character for this collection, although the heel itself is just the original panda (later a gold bear) in a different finish.  It's brilliant, it really is.  I love the whole concept of the shoe, I think it's so, so clever.  However, this post is more about the fit, so let's get onto that. 
These are the smallest fitting of what I bought (I'm ignoring the dinosaur heels, because I ordered those in the size up, so can't really fairly compare).  The others I got were the bunny, unicorn and fawn.  As this style has a unique shape and is made in different materials, the fit is definitely different to the others.  On the outer side you have this short ankle boot, but on the inner side, it's cut like a normal shoe.  It creates a really odd but interesting shape when seen from the front or above.  There's a small section of fur trim around the top, but the uppers are mainly made from a flexible, clear PU material (there's discreet 'ventilation' holes in the inner side).  In order to retain it's shape, the shoe has binding around the top (see last image) and it's this bit I'm finding is digging into my heel, as it's tight.  I really do think the size up would be too big, as like the other styles I already feel them loosening the more I try them on.  However, I feel like I still need some stretching specifically in that upper heel section before I'm able to wear them comfortably.  I'm reasonably confident this is achievable. 

They feel a bit funny to put on because of the shape, like you're not quite sure what to hold onto (accustomed to more of a solid shoe), but actually once your foot is in, it feels fine.  Also, now I'm finding I can slip my foot in and wiggle into position without using my hands at all.  The split at the front, doesn't feel tight (maybe a bit snug) and my toes feel fine.  So, I feel like the shoe is true to size in length along the footbed, it's just higher up that's tight.  You will get some creasing or rippling on that higher side, under the ankle bone, when wearing (visible in some of the images below), but thankfully as the shoe is so soft, there's no rubbing across the bone that I usually get with ankle boots.  In terms of translucency, you will see patterns on tights etc through the shoe, though the front glitter section does a pretty good job of disguising toes and completely hides toenails.  There's a glitter finish along with the applique animal detail on the uppers, so they aren't the sheerest shoe I've ever seen. There's no platform with this heel and it's not needed as the height is really manageable in comparison to other characters.  It's a good, solid heel to walk on and there's no fragile bits poking out to worry about.

I have a question for you.  Would you only wear these in Winter?  It didn't occur to me at the time, but afterwards somebody said something about them really just being for a certain time of the year and I started to think perhaps they would look a bit strange in August!  I mean, I know you get polar bears and ice all year round in certain places and at least they aren't Christmassy, but I don't know, do you find them too icy/frosty thematic to be worn outside of colder months?  I always said I wouldn't keep my Lindy Bop Alpine Gilda dress just for Christmas as it's only snow covered mountains, not necessarily Christmas themed, but with the red, green and white colourway, I just can't bring myself to wear it outside of December! 

Wearing: Layered fishnets (a set) House Of Holland (very old). 
Fit:  3 1/2" heel, slip on.  True to size in the footbed, tight at the very top of your heel.  I stuck with my usual size.   
Comfort:  It all depends on whether or not I can stretch this tight bit slightly.  At the moment that part is uncomfortable, with the rest of the shoe fine.     wearing blue PU booties with white glitter front and fur trimmed topcrossed legs with layered fishnet tights and white glitter and fur trimmed shoeswearing polar bear heeled booties with transparent upper and sea animals appliqueleg lifted wearing white glitter polar bear heeled shoes with blue sheer uppers and sea animal appliqueback view of white glitter polar bear heels on shoes with white furry trimtransparent blue shoes with white glitter toes and furry trimclose up of white polar bear heel shoe with applique sea animals and translucent upperspolar bear heeled and themed boot held in hand with shoe shelves in backgroundclose up of white glitter polar bear and white cub heel of shoe in hand with shoes in backgroundpolar bear themed shoes lying on floor showing high and low side with fur trims

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  1. Goodness, these are beautiful!!! I think I would struggle to walk in these though! Not enough around my feet!


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