Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Day 1156 - Shoesday Tuesday

side view of legs wearing blue ankle boots with green dinosaur on side breathing fire and dinosaur shaped heel
Shoes: Irregular Choice Jurassotops 

Apologies for the photos, the lighting was clearly not good this day (last week) and I didn't intend to use these for a Shoesday post, but I haven't been feeling great, so couldn't retake them. Plus today was lovely, until it was time for me to take photos and got very overcast, typical! They'll do, you can still see the details. So, another pair from the Family Reunion collection and I'll be honest, probably my least favourite of my haul, but that doesn't mean I don't like them! Far from it. Even the ones I didn't buy, I like. This collection was so strong, but compared to last week, Fantastic Fawn would win.
Unlike everything else, I bought Jurassotops in the size up. I'm not sure if that was the right decision or not. I'd heard they were running smaller than the others, so didn't want to risk them not fitting in my usual size. I think you all know my feet well enough now, that you can definitely tell that the size of the foot part of the boot, doesn't look like my natural size. However, they are designed with that exaggerated shape, so it's difficult to tell what's just bulky boot and what's too big. Certainly the zip opening doesn't seem to open that widely, so you do have a little push to get your foot in and I might've struggled there. Once in, I'd say length is big, but across the foot, where I usually find ankle boots tight, I'm not convinced I would've fitted the smaller size. Having tried them on again for these photos, I feel that like Fantastic Fawn, they are already feeling a bit bigger. It wasn't quite as troublesome to get inside and this is where I'm at. Are they too big? I don't know. Certainly my foot isn't slipping when walking, so perhaps they are fine. If they'd had a 38 since then, I likely would've ordered them to try, but I'm not really wanting to send these back and risk losing them altogether. I can live with it being a little big.

I forgot how comfortable this sole was, really cushioned. The right boot makes sounds, you'll note the speaker in the platform and in the image taken from above (2nd last), I left the 'press here' sticker on as a guide for you to see where the button is in the ankle. It's probably still too hard to tell from that photo, but maybe 3/4 of a finger length down, that's because the usb port to charge it, is above it, near the top of the boot. It was strange getting a lead in the shoe box! I like that there's no worry of this ever running out and that you're in control of when or when not to press it. One of the screams sounds like a baby being strangled...by a cat, so it's not something you want going off in the middle of a library. Or maybe you do! Though they aren't as loud as I expected. There is some squeaking, like with the Rainbunny rabbit heels, the spikes and tail of the dinosaur against the sole I suspect. More a creaking sound, not as irritating as the birdcages. I've spoken in more detail in this post regarding the heel and changes made to make it easier to walk on, so I won't repeat that here.

First try I did note the outer top side wanting to rub my leg, as is the case with most of my IC ankle boots. I didn't notice it when I tried them on here though. The top isn't tight on my leg, actually quite wide, which probably means it's more likely to rub. The embroidery wasn't something I noticed until I got them; all the windows in the skyscrapers and the yellow parts of the dino body are embroidered. I love the spikes out the back, they are a super material, very reflective and changes colour in the light from gold to green and I think the blue pattern is very unusual (both in this collection and mine). I feel like I maybe won't wear these as much as the others, purely because I favour something less bulky, but that's not to say they don't have a place in my collection or wardrobe. I think I'll find the original dinos easier to style, but I have nothing else like these in my collection, so that's a big draw. Let me know how you got on with yours, if you sized up and how you've found them.

Fit:  6" heel and 2 1/4" platform (I have Roarsum down as 5 1/2" and 2", so I need to double check these measurements).  I only tried the size up, see post for more info. 
Comfort:  The top might rub at the sides of the ankle, we'll see.    front view of blue patterned ankle boots on legs wearing fishnet tightsone leg tilted showing skyscraper city scene on ankle boot with large rubber platform soleside view of ankle boots with city skyscraper scene and large dinosaur shaped heelsleg lifted showing fire breathing dino on side of boot and dinosaur shaped heelback view of legs wearing dinosaur heeled ankle bootstop view of blue patterned ankle boots with skyscraper appliqueclose up of dinosaur themed ankle boot on foot with speaker visible in platform


Thank you for your shoeaholic love!!

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