Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Day 1106 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing irregular choice pretty poodle shoes
Shoes: Irregular Choice Pretty Poodle 

Hello! Been a few weeks since I've been able to post, but here's an outfit I wore last week for a hospital appointment. It was my "big" appointment at Ninewells, which I'll go into more detail on Pink Haired Princess when I have the chance, but it meant an early start to get to Dundee on time. Not a fan of the early start! Getting dressed these days is like a major mission, finding what still fits and is weather appropriate.
I found this dress in a recent clear-out, which I haven't worn for years as it had gotten too small (well, I'd gotten too big rather), but I was very pleased to find it a better fit now. Actually it's a little big in the bust, a brand new experience for me, but one I'm having rather a lot these days. The My Little Pony print is obviously adorable, but I love the bright colours too. I haven't thought of wearing it with tights before, IF dresses are notoriously short (read bum-skimming), but this one is knee length, so I'm more than comfortable in tights. Plus it was one of those days that looked really warm and sunny but actually was quite chilly. The shoes I adore. This style is one of my favourites, so it's no wonder I have the pewter version and blue bears too. My favourite kind of heel, oil slick finish, poodles, pink, love, love, love. I was definitely mixing my animals up as I chose the furry Cat Call bag (amazing) and there's unicorns on my scarf. I actually had a bit of a faff with the scarf because this nurse asked me to remove it to have my height checked and I had to go back to the waiting room with my tail between my legs or rather my scarf in hand and hair a mess and blindly re-do my hair wrap. I was there for a discussion, not an examination, so I was a bit thrown by this mandatory undressing! I didn't bother with too much makeup, because it was too early and also I'm finding mascara and eye makeup rather annoying these days.  Mind you, I can see I look rather ill without a little eye definition...though that's not untrue, so does it really matter?  Anyway, I rather liked the mix of colours here and getting to wear unicorns, ponies, cats and dogs with a touch of mermaid has to be a winner.

Wearing: Iron Fist My Little Pony dress (old), Collectif Lucy mermaid cardigan (current), Irregular Choice Cat Call bag (current) and pom pom parade unicorn scarf (current).
Fit: Just under 4" heel. Adjustable buckle fastening on strap. I bought the bigger size and they are a little roomy, but not noticeably. My regular size might've been snug and tight across the top.
Comfort: No issues with these. ootd wearing irregular choice unicorn scarf, pretty poodle shoes, collectif lucy mermaid cardigan and iron fist my little pony dressootd wearing irregular choice unicorn scarf, pretty poodle, cat call, collectif lucy mermaid, iron fist my little ponywearing iron fist my little pony dress and irregular choice pretty poodle shoeswearing irregular choice pretty poodle shoes and my little pony dressirregular choice cat call bagirregular choice pink pretty poodlefotd wearing irregular choice unicorn pom pom parade scarf

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  1. Omg, that cardi and the bag together!

    Also I wish my bust shrank when I lost weight. 100 lbs less and no difference! DX


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