Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Day 1096 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing irregular choice snuggle bunnie
Shoes: Irregular Choice Snuggle Bunnie 

Hello lovelies, I'm feeling a bit stressed this week. This time of year usually is a bit frantic, what with present buying and more going on in general, but I just can't escape that feeling of there not being enough hours in the day to do everything I need to do. The amount I carry over each day on my to-do list is ridiculous! I felt so satisfied last week, rattling through all those Shoesday posts, but that feeling was short-lived. Hey ho, hope your week is faring better. Today I have another new season style to show you, Snuggle Bunnie. I wanted these from the get-go, for sure. I stalked them so bad until I had funds for them (or rather got to the point I was worried they were going to go and buckled and bought them). The only thing that slightly concerned me was the heel. It's a little lower than I'd usually go for and I say that having bought several lower (for me) styles over the past couple of years. I find I'm liking having a choice of heel heights and I've said this to you before, but the super high heels are appealing to me less these days. That said, I am finding these just a touch too low. An extra centimetre or two would make all the difference to me. Of course I'm being very choosy and actually in every other way these shoes are perfect.
First off the colour...oh gosh, I've just realised they are green. Like the three squirrel heels last week. Err yeah, so I like green! The top half of the uppers are metallic, that gorgeous oil-slick finish I adore and the lower section is sequins, exactly like these swan heels. I'm now so glad I returned those and kept the pink instead, so I don't have two similar pairs and I was so fond of the uppers on those. They are edged with green glitter and the sequins is gold and green in varying sizes, sitting on top of mesh. There's a stunning mint coloured satin ribbon lacing up the shoes with large fluffy pom poms on the ends. The heel is a new large block shape, but carved like we see on the slimmer perspex ones. It's made from one of my favourite materials, the two-tone finish used on these unicorn heels. It switches between purple and green. At the back of the heel is an applique bunny head in holographic material, complete with ears sitting up your leg, teeth sticking out the back and a pink satin bow. They are bonkers!  I found one ear on one shoe irritated my ankle, but the other three didn't.  I might need to see if I can play around with that one.  These shoes just contain so many of my favourite materials, finishes and colours and a bunny theme is always a winner, so it's easy to see why they appeal and also how little the heel height matters in comparison. As for size, I opted for my usual 5/38 and they are a nice fit. I do have to untie the bow to get them on and ensure the tongue is sitting right. They are without a doubt one of my favourite styles this season, they excite me so much just by looking at them.  What do you think, do you like these?  

Wearing:  New Look leggings (old).  
Fit:  3 1/2" heel, lace up.  True to size.  
Comfort:  Like I mentioned above, one ear is brushing the back of my leg, but otherwise no issues with these.   wearing irregular choice snuggle bunnie front shoeswearing irregular choice snuggle bunnie green shoes wearing irregular choice snuggle bunnie pom  pom detailwearing irregular choice green snuggle bunniewearing irregular choice snuggle bunnie bunny heel detail wearing irregular choice snuggle bunnie bunny face


  1. Hope you can feel better soon! It's true, this time of the year is so overwhelming... I am under the same feeling too, not that it helps you to feel less stressed - but I hope you can relax soon! I loooved the bunny shoes - they are so sweet and cute! I love show stopping shoes!!! Hope you have a great Saturday and weekend!

    1. And then it's all over in a flash! Hope you're feeling less stressed this week. Thank you Denise, definitely one of my favourite pairs this season.

  2. I just love them, I love when IC makes really cute shoes like these :)

    1. They are adorable and really wearable and comfortable too.

  3. They look ridiculously cute!!!x

  4. I LOVE THESE SHOES!!!! I love bunny everything and bunny shoes in particular and I really like how they have the bunny in the back (because usually if there is a bunny face it's in the front). So origiinal and cute and the pom poms are a great detail too.


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