Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Day 1071 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: Celeste by Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti 

Late post, I slept in this morning and have been absolutely shattered all day. It's been a struggle to do anything and you know when you feel like you've just sat down, but it's time to get up for something else? I've felt like that all day, meal times, toilet, phone ringing, pills to take, bleugh! Anyway shoesies and shiny ones at that.
Two of my loves in the world of shoes are straps and satin. I don't know why I love either so much, but I do. I fall for mary-janes and especially multiple strapped shoes. A plain shoe is usually greatly improved by the addition of slim straps with buckles!  I understand satin being some peoples least favourite footwear material. It does conjure up images of specially dyed bogging bridesmaids shoes doesn't it? It's been a grower for me, probably cemented by my Miu Miu courts that I first bought in pink, then green. I just find myself really excited by satin shoes and yes they are usually plain, when I normally opt for overly fussy, but think of the fun you can have with tights! So I bought this particular pair over a year ago from Yoox (these photos are from last summer when the shoe room was slowly getting under way). I'd initially seen a rose gold metallic pair and hummed and hawed, then they sold out (only one size left), then they got this pale blue satin pair in. I found they were from AW11 and the more I looked at them, the more I wanted them. So I took the plunge, even though they were the size up. I absolutely love Yoox for this, you'll often find random pieces from years ago that have been unearthed somewhere! They are a little large in length for me I admit, but the straps do up fine and because your foot is contained by those, it's unlikely to slip out. They have a big block heel that tapers out and funny slanted toe on top. The colour is lovely, really icy but soft. I'm pretty glad I managed to find a pair. What do you think, do you like these shoes and how do you feel about satin footwear?

Fit: 4 1/4" heel, adjustable buckle fastenings on straps. Likely true to size, I bought a full size larger.
Comfort: Haven't had the chance to wear them yet, but don't foresee any issues.     


  1. I like them! I've always quite liked those Bridesmaid shoes! I remember wearing a mustard satin pair of Kitten heels for a stage production on Anything Goes.

    1. I detest the ugly pointy toe ones...they seem to have such an elongated toe, which I really dislike. I'm sure there are nice ones out there though ; )

  2. Oh, they're lovely. So chic.


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