Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Day 1059 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: Blue Blushing Bird flamingo heels Irregular Choice 

I went a little photo crazy with the shoes this week, but I had a lot of good shots and there's so many things to look at on these.  It's easier for me to photograph Shoesday Tuesday posts in batches, a few pairs at a time.  Well I say "easier", there's nothing easy about twisting and bending into weird positions trying to take photos of your own feet!  Yesterday I hauled out some shoes for said photos and I was sweating and shattered by the end of it and sore today. I'd be the same after one pair though, so I figure I may as well make it worth the pain!
I decided on these bright pink tights, as they make me think of flamingos.  Side-note, I haven't worn them for years and was pleasantly surprised to find they comfortably fit around my ever expanding middle (!).  They are definitely one of the stretchier styles from House Of Holland, but still, me being plus-size you wouldn't think "one size" would fit.  I'm totally going to wear this combo out at some point, I love the flamingo legs with the flamingo heels.  The shoes are pretty well decorated as is, but that doesn't mean I can't have fun with the tights too.  I'm going to reiterate how easily I'm sure I'll forget about the bird heads sticking out the back.  The shoes just feel so easy to wear, I have to keep reminding myself! That said, I rarely do steps or stairs so I may be alright.  Aside from the amazing heel, the pattern and 3D element with the satin roses is lovely and the fronts with the rounded toe and big bow are cute.  I love that oil-slick material used in the trim around the shoe and at the back of the heel. My camera didn't pick up how spectacular it was, but you can see it a little in the back profiles. It's got beautiful colours in it.  I know I've said it a million times, but I'm continually amazed at how Irregular Choice can design something so ingenious and breathtaking. They are the type of shoes I keep picking up just to look at and pinch myself that they are real and mine!  What do you think?  

Wearing: House of Holland pink colour card tights.
Fit:  Heel 3 3/4", I bought my usual size and found they fit snugly at first, but they'll stretch so no need to size up.
Comfort:  The heel feels very comfortable to wear.  


  1. Ooh, yes, I love the idea of wearing these with pink tights!

    1. Just makes you look at the shoes even more!

  2. Those tights are crazy cool!!! I really like them!! The flamingos are v pretty. I've decided to drop into IC on Saturday after my rehearsal. I could try the Alices...x

    1. I've had them for ages, they are really cool because they look like they are made up of different pinks, but actually it's the same colour in different deniers, so the most transparent at the bottom, then thicker and the most opaque at the top. I have them in black too. Sooooooo excited re Alice, seeing them IRL!


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