Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Day 1058 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing irregular choice blue dotty love shoes
Shoes: Irregular Choice blue Dotty Love 

I'm a little late for Valentine's Day with this pair of heart heels, though you do have to look to find it, so I just about get away with it.
Dotty Love were part of the SS15 collection and came in 3 colours; black, red and blue (all on a white base).  The blue weren't as widely available, but appealed to me most.  So I hunted them down and got the last pair in my size for a very reasonable price during the summer.  When they arrived, I loved them so much I ordered the red pair!  Always a sign that I really like something.  That demi-wedge type heel harks back to styles such as Hypolita and you can find it this season too on Quick Step.  It's very easy to wear and walk on and the fit of the shoe feels true to size, which also helps.  You'll likely note the splodgy spots on the uppers are similar to the sole pattern this season.  I like that they are 'rough' or misshapen, I'm a big polka dot fan, but I don't need my spots to be perfect all the time!  The heart bit, comes in on the front, in blue suedette, which isn't that obvious until you look from above.  I love the little satin bow on the front and at the back of the heel, it's a sweet touch.  With the heart and colour, I can't help but see these as "something blue", wouldn't they make great alternative bridal shoes?  

Fit: 4" heel. True to size.
Comfort: No issues with these, comfortable and easy to walk in. wearing irregular choice dotty love polka dot shoes wearing irregular choice blue dotty love heart shoes wearing irregular choice blue dotty love shoes bow detail wearing irregular choice blue dotty love shoes heart detail


  1. They're pretty cute!! I had a cute Valentines outfit planned but as we were moving, wasn't practical. I did wear a heart cardie though!x

    1. Ooh drat, well that was still nice, a subtle nod to V day!

  2. Oh, I really love them. I have some perfect Valentine's shoes now but we did a belated Valentine's celebration because I was away at the weekend, so now they'll be late, but hey ho. I like hearts all year round.

  3. I think these are my favourite Irregular Choice shoes I've seen in a while. V cute.

    1. All the colours they came in were lovely, I really like the shape of the shoe too and was pleased to find it TTS.


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