Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Day 1045 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: Red 'Hearts On The Line' Irregular Choice

Hello, Shoesday Tuesday has rolled around again, with a bright and cheerful pair of shoes. They are from the SS15 range and were a sale buy along with another pair. Though I have many heels shaped like this, I don't think I have a red one (my memory can be shocking though, so perhaps I do).
The white tip seems to emphasise and make the red pop. The uppers have white hearts all over them (hearts are always a winner in my book) and this exaggerated scalloped edging. They are finished with a pale organza bow on the front. Like most of these heels (no matter the style) I find they run a little small. Not as small as Tea Leaf from the other week, which were bone-crushing tight! They'll definitely stretch with wear. I think the reason I love this heel so much is not only does it look beautiful, it's chunky while still elegant, not too high and therefore very easy to walk in. If I'm in need of a 'sensible' shoe for a lot of walking, it's these heels I go to. What do you think, like these?

Fit: Just under 4" heel. Small but will stretch (I bought my usual size 5/38).
Comfort: Once they've stretched a bit, I don't see any issues with these.


  1. Pretty. I would like these in a lower heel!

  2. I really like these, they seem to go with so much. I love your tights as well. I don't think I own any fishnet tights at the moment!

    1. I was trying on many shoes for the blog this day, some of which were rather tight, so I figured they might slip in easier in tights!


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