Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Red Or Dead Claudia

Ashley Williams Red Or Dead Claudia boots
TSGSI is back this week, with some seriously 70's inspired glitter boots. I genuinely found myself asking "how would I style these?" today! I've given it a go and this is my weekly plus size look.
So the boots are called Claudia from the Ashley Williams for Red Or Dead collection £150. In burgundy patent leather with contrast pink glitter and a zip front. I considered skinny jeans because I felt they were a bit too heavy for a dress, but then I asked how would I really wear them and we all know that it would be with a dress! Nothing too formal or fitted and I came up with this bird print one from Simply Be (fyi a million times nicer on the model than it looks here). I accessorised with several different coloured fur stoles until I finally settled on the pale pink. To be honest, I'm changing my mind now and thinking I maybe overdid the pink. Mustard and burgundy also looked good and totally changed it, it's whatever you fancy I suppose. I'd just wear it draped, not pulled through like it is here.  I like dresses like this where you can colour clash or choose to pick out one of the many shades. I finished with this glitter milkshake bag from The Simpsons/SkinnyDip collection, which I've been trying to slot into TSGSI for weeks! I'm glad I saved it though, because it's perfect with these boots. What do you think, do you like this look?The Shoe Girl Styles It: Red Or Dead Claudia
Worn with: Simply Be printed jersey swing dress £22, BooHoo Charli XCX oversize long fur scarf £18 and SkinnyDip Krusty Shake bag £32.  


  1. I see your difficulty in teaming the boots with a garment. They're pretty cool-wish they did them in teal with teal glitter!!x

    1. I imagined it would be easy, then when I really thought about it...not so much! I can totally see that colourway working.

  2. I really *like* the boots, the glitter wins it for me, but I don't know that I'd ever wear them. That said, I do like the pink stole with them.

    1. I was along the same lines...just not sure they'd fit in with my wardrobe.


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