Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Day 1039 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: Miu Miu 'Spectator' ruffle brogue

I've been a bit exasperated this past week. I am the procrastination queen! Seriously, I spend so much time on things that never materialise, because I think the photos aren't good enough, I have writers block, I'm not happy with this or that and I've been like this 95% of the time recently. Hence the reason for no The Shoe Girl Styles It posts last week, because none of my sets were "good enough". It makes blogging really hard, because I end up getting nothing done, for stressing and worrying about it and that's not at all proactive (which I know) and in turn that makes me stress more! Tell me I'm not alone in this? It all came to a head yesterday, when I realised I must've accidentally deleted the second part of my shoe room post that was in my drafts. It was very lengthy and just waiting for photos and I recall deleting old drafts a few weeks ago ensuring I was extra careful NOT to delete that one. Blogger sometimes duplicates posts and I think this is what's happened, I've deleted the duplicate, but actually it never existed or it deleted both. I don't know, but I didn't notice until I went to work on it yesterday and I just wanted to cry. I hate the process of re-doing anything, but especially writing. You never quite get it back to the way it was or remember everything you covered. So yeah, me and blogging have been at odds and I feel like I'm always chasing my tail and never achieving anything. A vicious cycle that I'm struggling to break. So that's where my head's at!
These shoes, as you can tell from the photos (empty shoe room), I've had for a while. I bought them from Covetique (no longer) which sold "pre loved" designer items. I'm generally not a fan of buying used things, especially shoes. I guess I like the idea of thrifting, but in reality, I freak out at the thought of someone else having worn them. I'm slowly trying to relax my ways and these shoes were in a decent condition, for an extremely reasonable price (i.e. cheaper than most high street shoes), so I figured they were worth a try. They'd been well described with no scruffs or scratches to the leather, but I still went at them to "clean" them (stupidly after some of these photos were taken). I grabbed a Clinique toner (which smells and feels like 100% vodka, hence the reason I stopped using it on my face) and started wiping them, then realised I was taking the sheen off and lifting some of the colour. I do silly things sometimes. Thankfully, a tissue with Vaseline on it to act as a polish (yep, all my cleaning items are beauty based), buffed them up very nicely and rectified my hasty error. The shoe sits in a hard perspex cup like heel, which is extremely high (with no platform). Your weight shifts immediately and with that skinny heel, I admit I had doubts they would take my weight!  They're probably not the easiest to walk in, though I did manage a wee totter around the shoe room. There were many variations of these brogues in the AW07 collection and I'd always hoped of owning one of the styles, so it's nice I finally have a pair in my collection.  What do you think?

Fit:  Just under 5" heel.  These are a size up and a little large, so I suspect they are quite true to size.
Comfort:  With no platform, they are very high, so not the comfiest and the heel is very thin, so they feel a little unstable.   


  1. I'm not so sure about them, if I'm honest. I like the ruffle detail at the front but I think there's something about the heel which is putting me off.

    1. The heel is quite scary, not 100% sure I trust it'll take my weight and is secure enough!!


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