Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Day Four Hundred & Fifty One - Bossy Bunnies

Shoes: Black I'm Bossy Irregular Choice

I have absolutely no idea when I wore this outfit, weeks ago for sure! Judging from the pics though, it was very much thrown together and a quick job of makeup and photo-taking! Anyway, I haven't been out of the house these past couple of days as I've been really busy with eBay. I made loads over the weekend, so enjoyed a guilt-free splurge (and I really mean 'splurge') on three hot pairs of shoes today! It's good given that I got rid of 14 pairs and have only replaced them with 3 more expensive ones...I did need the space afterall!

Wearing: Grey frill dress and black leggings Primark, black slip underneath Matalan, hair must've been needing done because I appear to be doing my incognito look of turban and hat! The scarf is Primark and hat River Island.
Fit: True to size, stud fastening, 4" perspex heel.
Comfort: My go-to comfy shoes, although it did take a few attempts to get the stud to fasten (it just fits and no more)!


  1. River Island floral platforms, Irregular Choice Wing Invadors and the major pair, So Yeon Sarah IC pair!!!!!


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