Sunday, 19 June 2011

Hello Readers!!!

Hi! I feel like I'm breaking radio silence here, it's been soooo long!! So the day after my last post, I couldn't get my PC on in the morning at all. We took it to the shop and let's just say the boys there aren't the most speedy. They're nice, but you have to completely trust them when you don't know the ins and outs of computer technology. They're the types that say they'll treat it as urgent but in reality you have to chase them up and feel like you're hassling them. To cut a long story short, they decided it was the hard drive and we were to wait for a new one to be installed. I lost everything from it. I'm absolutely gutted. Obviously I'd managed to save the majority of my photos beforehand, but I didn't have enough space on my old portable hard drive or discs or memory sticks to backup the entire computer. It's the little things, like installing programs, internet favourites and all my music that will take forever to replace but are necessary to get my computer back to how it used to be.

So we got the computer back eventually and right enough it's back to basics (I think I secretly hoped some sort of memory would be restored even although I knew that was impossible given that it was a completely new hard drive). I checked my emails and did the basics on it that afternoon but to be honest I didn't want to be on it all, I was partly sulking that I'd lost everything and partly lost because I didn't have any pictures or links and was so out of my routine that I couldn't blog and didn't know what else to do. That evening the computer had gone to sleep and Dad woke it up only to find it was reacting exactly the same as it had previously (saying it hadn't shut down properly, did I want to repair it and restore it to a time when it worked properly?). By this point I was almost emotionless, I was past caring. It didn't feel like 'my' computer anyway, so what could I care if it didn't work or I went without it for another week?!

The next morning it didn't switch on at all, so we took it back to the shop and it turns out it's the fan. The bloody fan! See what I mean about having to trust that they know what they're doing? They put in a new one but something had melted without the fan working, so they're repairing that too. It's due back on Tuesday. What's really, really pissing me off at this point is that I probably lost that old hard drive for no reason. When you eventually got the computer to start up, all the information was there as normal, so the memory of that drive wasn't affected at all. I'm sure they've already disposed of it though which absolutely kills me. All my work lost for nothing-but nobody seems to realise how traumatic it is! I'm considering begging to see if they still have it on Tuesday (I could live without it for yet another week, if I knew I would get my "old" computer back)...Mum has mostly been dealing with them and she doesn't really understand the true extent of what's lost so isn't really fighting my corner. Oh, it just completely sucks and I'm exasperated by the whole event. I wish I could say I've been using this spare time productively but I've been pretty knackered health wise and struggling to find any motivation to do anything (probably a knock on effect from the computer woes). So we'll just have to leave it as 'we'll see' for now. Hopefully I should get the PC back next week and get it up and running as soon as possible.

Lots of love, Pink haired Princess x x x

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  1. Ohh I was wondering where you've been and I am so sorry to hear this happened to you:/// best of luck with them getting the old hard drive back! will keep my fingers crossed (miss you!) xoxo


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