Monday, 6 June 2011

Day Four Hundred & Forty Eight - I Do Like To Be Beside...

Shoes: Teddy print gingham 'Love Games' Irregular Choice

You'll already have seen a sneak peek of this outfit if you saw my Kandee post the other day on Pink Haired Princess and the image has also been used this weekend on the Kandee Facebook pages (quite strange and funny to see yourself like that!). Anyway, I'm still catching up, so this is last Tuesday. It's the second time I've worn these shoes and the second time I've never worn them outside! We had family visiting and by the time I got myself dressed, there was no time to skip out on my walk, so it was an indoor only outfit (oh, other than the quick 'out in the back garden' photos)! Some would perhaps say I over accessorized, but 'more is always more' in my book and I just ran with the blue, seaside theme!

Wearing: Ok, boat cardigan Peacocks, blue gingham sundress George at Asda, leggings, boat print scarf in hair, starfish ring and sunglasses all Primark, snake/pearl ring and seagull brooch Miss Selfridge, spike ring ASOS, G whistle pendant Harajuku Lovers, phew!
Fit: Oh who knows? I have this exact same style in another print and I needed a size up, these are my regular size though and although tight, they do fit. 5" heel.
Comfort: Well I doubt they'd be overly comfy after a while, with a 5" heel and no platform, your foot is practically vertical!

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