Thursday, 23 July 2009

Day Six - Because We All Need Some Sparkle

Ok, I usually never wear these outside of Christmas time, however I've had a kinda crappy week, I still have clown hair, I've wasted all morning trying to pre-order JLS tickets for my little sister and because I didn't get any, I have to waste all of tomorrow doing the same thing when they go on sale for real! I've seen more websites crash and so many different versions of 'this page cannot be displayed' that I may just do like that guy in the advert and throw the computer across the room in a fit of rage. So, I decided I need some sparkle and these ruby red slippers certainly provide that. Now what happens if I click my heels three times?Miss Selfridge red glitter shoes


  1. Oooh they're so pretty! I love them x

  2. thank you : ) They're definitely show-stoppers! They are open along the inner side and have a squared off toe that you can't see in the image.

  3. They're WONDERFULL!!! Do you know where I can buy them? I'm getting married in september and they would be perfect :-) Love from Denmark

  4. Hello, unfortunately these shoes are a couple of years old from Miss Selfridge and you won't be able to purchase them now, perhaps you could try ebay, hope this helps x


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